Im fucked up and sick in the mind.

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Recently I've been suffering from horrible thoughts, thoughts that are inhuman and sick. I've had enough of this. It's like I can't control my thoughts anymore. I'm always alone and I know I should get out and get some friends but I can't. I feel so bad about my thoughts. I can't even write them here. I always fear what if I would do something that I've had those horrible thoughts about. It makes me sick. I want to end this. I'm so fucked up that it scares me. But you probably are going to say that they are just thoughts. Sure they are but they make me want to kill myself. How can I continue my life?


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First of all, welcome to the forum. :hug:

Have you thought of talking to a therapist or counselor to try and figure out why you're having these thoughts?

Here if you want to talk, my PM box is always open.


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You do deserve help. Whatever the thoughts are, it's obvious you don't want to have them, and it isn't your fault you're having them. But finding out the reason for them might help on the road to making them go away, and that's something a therapist could help you with.


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Welcome to the forums. :welcome:

I saw you posted such kind words in another thread, and it lead me to this thread. :) I've had suicidal thoughts too, as have quite a few here on the forums, where I can't control them. I'm sorry to hear this is going on with you. :hug:

Warm regards,

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