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  1. firehawk1

    firehawk1 Well-Known Member

    Some may know I am being taken to court for something I did not do, all because of the strain my ex had put on the relationship and couldnt handle she was wrong but also her friends corrupting her.

    i feel so bad on talking about this and no where can I get anyone to listen or understand or help in some way.

    I posted something similar on a different forum and got supportive responses but then one female just wrote a long list about the fact that im wrong and its all my fault and everything - made me feel so upset and mad and angry at that person as they clearly did not read or understand anything or give any advice from a woman's point of view or anything.

    anyway, the story is this:

    time is running short before my case.

    the accuser (my ex) stated the relationshiip ended a month before. Not true, I have emails to prove this (but they want to do forensics to make sure its legit which will take some time to do)

    They said that I was given a harrasment warning before which was not true and the prosecution could not find any records of that

    I have no convictions of any kind, and my record is clean.

    The accuser is now trying to get an ex friend to make a statement against me which makes no sense as:

    1) they have never met
    2) they dont know each other
    3) what relevance does the ex friend have to the entire matter? None!
    4) my ex friend said she has nothing bad to say about me at all and wouldnt do such a thing (which i dont believe to be honest given her past and what she had put me through) - and have emails to prove this which I believe can be used against her if she goes and gives evidence from a complete stranger!

    my accuser also recently posted publically on the net that she needed some money and she is scared of losing her house and kids because of unpaid rent. (I bailed her out last year and never saw that money again!)
    She also accuses me of other wild things which there is no proof of at all.
    She states that she would be "grateful" if anyone can help her for donations of money. (what a silly.....)

    I am so scared. I dont know what to do. I have no confidence or faith, my livlihood is at stake, im worried sick, i dont think i will win at all.
    They are also not giving me a fair trial at all. She accused me of something horrendous - something which is SO NOT me at all and everyone knows it, including her, but she has it in her mind that im a bad person when all her life she has been treated badly in every manner including violence, but i never did.

    Furthermore, she got me picked up again just before xmas as I was apperenly threatning her and so on over the internet on IM - absolute nonsense and ive never been so scared in my life. 2 days before xmas? COME ON!!!!!
  2. jxdama

    jxdama Staff Member Safety & Support

    we are all here for you. what are you accused of?
  3. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    Agreed. What have you been accused of? Maybe we can help put your fears aside...
  4. firehawk1

    firehawk1 Well-Known Member

    if only you folks were laywers/barristers/judges! :)

    accused of apperently assaulting her in 2 ways. 1 "common assault" and the other...well, i dont want to say but lets just say its known as the woman's law.

    im not even like that and she knows it so very well. so very well. never have i shouted or raised a hand against a woman in my life - ive never even touched a fly! Infact, im always the one that was bullied at school and has had racism!
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