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I'm going to apply for a new job: Personal Care Assistant.

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by PeterFromUK, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. PeterFromUK

    PeterFromUK Member

    I decided to change a job as my current position(cleaner) is a little boring, monotonous. I would like to apply for Personal Care Assistant. I would like to help to disabled people. I believe it may bring me personal satisfaction. In application form I found this:

    '' With close reference to the enclosed Job Specification, please give an account of experience, knowledge, skills and training you have which meet the requirements of the post. Please include any other information you feel is relevant in support of your application, reason for applying and what you can offer to the post and Diverse Abilities Plus (Please use an additional sheet if necessary).''

    So I put this one. I'm not sure if I did it properly.

    From February 2001 to 5th July 2007 I looked after my step daughter Veronica. She was 3.5 years old at that time. She is diagnosed with some symptoms of AHDH. She is hyperactive and unable to concentrate on one task. She is registered as a disabled in Poland.
    I was cooking for her and following doctor’s advice not to feed Veronica with milk products as she suffered from lactose intolerance. I gave Veronica Calcium and other medications prescribed by doctors from Allergy Department in local Hospital.

    During May 2002 I looked after Veronica in Hospital in Bialystok (Poland) for period of two weeks from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I had to calm her down when she received injection as she was oversensitive to pain. Veronica had a venflon in her vain to pass the medication. As I mentioned above, she was hyperactive so I had to be very observant to not let her to remove accidently the venflon.
    When I looked after Veronica at home I kept her busy. I encouraged her to pain the pictures. (I believe that drawing helps to increase writing skills at the beginning of education). When we spent time outside I secured her from falling down at playground as she was hyperactive and she could easily hurt herself.
    During bed time I played piano keyboard. I noticed that it is very therapeutic and helped her to fall asleep.
    (For your attention I enclose the photos showing when I looked after her.)

    Veronica is now studying at Technical School. I still get in touch with her by Skype communicator. I help her in homework: Polish & English.

    From Autumn 2006 to July 2007 I looked after my brother Andrew. After closing local Sugar Factory he abused alcohol. As we shared the flat together I cooked for him and not allow his work colleagues encourage him to drink alcohol. My brother was 35 years old at that time.

    Voluntarily I gave computer lessons to my ex-landlady Janette. I had to explain slowly and said clearly because of her age( She is 82 year old).

    I believe my life experience is easily transferable to new position I am applying for.

    I was born pre - matured. I do understand disabled people: their feelings and needs.

    I feel I would be a valuable a member of staff with Diverse Abilities Plus.

    1. Did I write too much about something?
    2. Did I miss something?
    3. Negative opinion will be appreciated- then I will make some amendments.
    Just let u know English is my 2nd language.
    I'm going to have an interview this Saturday.
    Many thanks
  2. NWAD

    NWAD Member

    Just from a layperson's perspective, I think it's a good statement.

    You covered who you helped, for what time period, and what you did.

    The only thing I would add is a sentence or two why that experience is directly applicable to the sought position, unless it's blatantly obvious.
  3. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

    I agree with NWAD PeterFromUK that statement is perfect & very detailed

    If that alone does not get you the job more fool them as you are perfect for the position.

    I have worked with the elderly in nursing homes and in Community Payback lunch clubs and assisted shopping. I am sure you will find it very fulfilling work as i have done

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