I'm going to die alone.

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    My biggest problem is I'm probably never even gonna find someone I WANT to be friends with... Everyone around me is so hollow and stupid. God forbid anyone ever have an intelligent conversation. God forbid anyone not mind if there is silence in the room. God forbid that someone actually gives a shit about what kind of person you are not what you can do for them.

    Probably one of the most discouraging and annoying things is this: I've been told the best way to make friends is to remember this fact: "Noone cares about you, they only care about themselves". That's why whenever you ask for advice on how to meet people, they always tell you to "talk about them, ask them questions about themselves". I dont know why but this thought always puts me off from talking to someone... it makes me feel like I'm some desperate pathetic loser who's just begging for some attention. I know that's an over reaction but I can never shake that feeling no matter how little sense it makes. It makes me feel inferior when it really shouldn't.

    Another stupid feeling I get is whenever people tell me to make the first move. This always makes me feel like the other person isn't interested enough to take the first step. This is so stupid that it annoys me. I have no idea why I think this but it always happens and it always holds me back.

    Sigh... I'm just not an interesting person and I know that I'm not gonna get anywhere unless I start throwing myself out there. and I just don't have the confidence or strength to do that...

    Sigh... I'm so fucked...
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    How about joining something, evening class, club whatever, that is about something you are interested in; that way you have a topic to discuss straight away and it will be something the rest of the room is interested in too. Just a thought.
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    First of all, it's not that nobody cares about you and only about themselves. It's that people are comfortable talking about themselves, because it is something they know a lot about, and something they can easily talk about without feeling like they have nothing to say. It puts a person at ease and helps them to shed themselves of some of their insecurities.

    Also, if you are not willing to make the first move, then how can you fault others for feeling the same way?
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    As I read over this post I do realise that it makes little sense. Unfortunately I can't edit or delete it so ya.

    Also, I've never been very good at putting my thoughts on paper. But I appreciate the responces non the less.
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