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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Relentless, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Ok I am back once again oh boy these stupid thoughts of ending my meaningless pitiful life are back! This time I have a goal I have to reach or I will be killing myself.

    I've come to the conclusion that if I don't get a girlfriend or even get my first kiss at the sad age of 16 I will kill myself. If I don't get a kiss/girlfriend in 1-2 Months i'm going to end it. So I am pretty much out of luck because no girl even notices me if they do i'm just a good friend to them not boyfriend material.

    I am probably not making much sense because i'm fighting tears and not grabbing my shotgun out of my closet and just ending my suffering.

    I have no friend I come home play computer/video games and go to sleep wake up and repeat. I have people to hang out with at school but I neverh ang out with them at my house or theirs because i'm not really a friend for them just someone that tags along.

    I need help with getting a girlfriend/kiss someone tell me how I can remotely go about getting this. I would not consider myself drop dead ugly but i'm not the best in the looks department. I am 6 foot tall lanky and skinny skater hair I dress skater ect. Only downside I guess would be my acne. Which I hate girls that don't like guys with acne it's not like I can control it!

    Please someone just give me tips on how to get a girlfriend/kiss fast I am extremely shy I has anxiety issues I feel uncomfortable standing in school walking around hoping people don't make fun of me. I can talk to a girl fine if she approaches me but they never do! I just sit there in school hoping some girl just randomly comes up to me and starts talking it would shine some new light in my life. You have no idea how much my life would change if I had a girlfriend or even got a kiss there would be a purpose of living!

    Please i'm in need 1-2 months with no girlfriend/kiss i'm a dead man :(
  2. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    why don't you concentrate on getting yourself better. relationships are not the end all be all *sigh* if you want to get a gf go out and talk to girls.
  3. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    This post just made me feel worse not to be mean but. The reason i'm having these thoughts are because i've never kissed a girl. And I don't think going to talk to girls gets me a girlfriend if I just go find a girl and talk to her she will become my girlfriend, and apparently you didn't read where it said i'm shy and have bad anxiety! :sad:
  4. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    hun it wasn't meant to make you feel worse. You are 16. I didnt kiss a guy til i was 18. you are young...you have plenty of time for all the crap with girls.
  5. SadDude87

    SadDude87 Well-Known Member

    Jesus christ, you are SIXTEEN man. Damn ... do you know how many kids are in the same boat? It boggles my mind that you are even considering suicide because of this.... Keep your chin up pal, your time will come. I am sure it will, and even if it doesn't happen right away atleast wait a few years. You are so young..... I wish I was 16 again
  6. aqaq22

    aqaq22 Well-Known Member

    I had this crush on this one girl when I was in my teens. She was drop dead gorgeous. I cannot remember her name. But, to this day, I remember how she looked. She had blonde hair, and was just beautiful. Anyway...

    We went on this school retreat, the whole class on this day outting in the mountains. I was standing by a mountain stream with a buddy of mine. SHE came walking up and stood right beside me. I was trying to act "natural", cool and calm. She began talking to me. Evidently, word had gotten around that I liked her, and she was letting me know that it was ok for me to kiss her at that moment right then and there.

    I was Petrified!! Even my friend, standing beside me, leaned over toward me and said..."Go ahead, kiss her. She's waiting for you to do it."

    Well, I didn't do it. I was just too scared. And, I felt so darned bad about myself for being so chicken. I'd forgotten all about that missed opportunity until now. I still wish I'd done it. Darn, I'll never know what it was like to have kissed the prettiest girl I think I'll ever meet.

    Anyway...that's life. I survived it. You will too. You will survive not kissing a girl until it happens. And, trust me, it will, at some point. The odds of that NOT happening are so slim...the overwhelming odds say that you will be making out with a girl, and probably not that far off.

    But, does it really have to be in the next 6 weeks?
  7. jonstark

    jonstark Well-Known Member

    Dude, I'm 22 and I've never kissed a girl.
    You've plenty of time.
    When you're 22, then consider killing yourself.
  8. SadDude87

    SadDude87 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about your age either. I made out with more girls when I was between the age of 13 - 16, since there was no pressure to have sex. Now, between the age of 17 - 20 I have kissed 0 girls. Excluding prostitutes. And I can't even fuck them. See how much worse it could be?
  9. alexander

    alexander Active Member

    dude you need to find new purpose in life, girls are only people like you and I, they are not a magic pill that fix all of our neurosis, if you want someone to love then concentrate on loving yourself, your self love is the one true love that will save you, once you have that as a foundation then you can deal with anything in life because you will have self belief, thats more important than the need to be validated by a kiss from a girl, do you think if a girl loves you that you are automatically perfect, do you think that another's love makes you a 'somebody', it's just an illusion, we as humans constantly seek validation off of others to gage our self-worth but what 'degree's'/'PhD's' do these people have in judgment, only we can know out true self-worth, yes it's nice to be in a happy relationship, but not being in one doesn't make you a failure, far from it,

    you want feel better, then start building a foundation for that happiness, the choice between sadness and happiness is about as far away as the time it takes to think, a nano second, read this and believe it, we all have the strength inside ourselves to go on, you feel alone, accept that feeling, embrace it, your mind is a war of emotions and you will be victorious, believe that, you know I truly believe allot of people on here can feel allot better by just thinking more positively and believing in themselves more, at the moment many people on here are training themselves to be depressed, they tell themselves everyday that their life sucks, they are never going to get a girl/boyfriend, that they will feel like this forever, if you think like that all the time then of course that is how you will feel, and when things go bad all you've done is trained yourself how to deal with it negatively,

    you can change that right now by just changing your thinking pattern, think of it like a bank account with an overdraft, you at the moment may be in the red on your overdraft, if you keep living like that and doing nothing about it things will just get worse, a big bill comes along and you don't have the means to be able to cope, you can though change that, you can in an instant say "no, I'm going to change my philosophy now and I'm going to start paying a little into my bank account", it's a hard journey but eventually you come out of the red, in-fact you've managed to save some money, so now if a big bill comes and hits you unexpectedly, then yes you feel down, but, you have the means to be able to cope with it, you have to think of your mind in the same way, once you make a conscious decision to start to change the way that you think about yourself then slowly but surely you will build a better psychological foundation and mindset for yourself, you will then have the reserves and the know how to be able to cope with emotional problems allot better, you will feel more confident about yourself, your body language will change, you will have that inner glow that you thought that only special people got, thats not true, will all have that 'inner glow' it's just some of us have to harvest it, it's not always easy but if you persevere you will get there in the end.
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  10. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with these posts. I was in exactly the same boat at 16. I mean, I DID kiss a girl before I was 16 but it sure didn't solve all my problems. It's not a magic pill. You will eventually find female companionship if that is what you really want. But you have to get out and about and meet people. I didn't really get a real, proper girlfriend until I was 21. Sometimes, the social pool of people you're interacting with are not the kind of people you're comfortable with.

    I actually had to move 5 states away before I found people I was comfortable with. When I was your age, I had just moved from where I grew up to another state and the people seemed totally different. It wasn't that I didn't get along with them. I just didn't know how to socialize with them. When I got a little older, I moved back to where I grew up and had a GF within 3 months.

    You have plenty of time.
  11. 89mike

    89mike Active Member

    Talk to girls, even if you don't consider them as being hot. The more you talk to them the higher the chance will be that one of them sees your true identity rather than just your facade. Not saying that you are not physically attractive but just that if no one likes how you physically look then you have to win them over with your personality.
  12. JaysonJones

    JaysonJones New Member

    To even consider killing yourself because you haven't kissed a girl, that's sad dude...
    Sex/ girls isn't everything..i've been thinking , if i haven't put soooo much time into scoring with the ladies, i would've achieved the things i wanted to achieve at a much younger age, no probs now, because everything turned out okay, but if you think girls are everything in life, then you're wrong...if you think nobody notices you, ask yourself why no one notices you, are you shy? are you quiet? are you not using talents that make you laidback? try to be open, not give a fuck about anything, step up to a girl, and start a conversation. Then you'll learn what to say, and what not to say, but if from the 50 girls, 1 stays and starts a conversation..build on that ;)
    Now don't say those stupid things about suicide no more, before i hunt you down, and smack you upside down the head.
  13. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I know it's just my though it once high school is over if I don't have a girlfriend i'll be single for the rest of my life. I wouldn't know where to go meet new people and even if I did know where I wouldn't have enough willpower to push myself into the uncomfortable situations.

    Also there is this new girl that moved from California to my school I don't really know how to tell if a girl likes me. Could someone give me obvious signs? She constantly looks at me in Spanish then in math looks and laughs a lot. I don't know if she is looking at my uglyness or laughing at me. I wanna talk to girls I just don't know what to say.
  14. Drew

    Drew Member

    Relentless, I will tell you this much...
    High school relationships= bad news.
    Escpecaily for someone in your state of mind. IT is alot of useless drama in the end. So what if you don't get your first kiss? Are you going to let that ruin your life? I jsut got my first girlfriend not to long ago...and Its really not working out. Perhaps you should just seek out a friend first? A REAL friend. And, dont tell me there are none there because there are. They hide, most good people wear a mask in public in fear of being ridculed. My best friend Blake, wears a mask that makes the school think he is one of these punk gangsta kids. But in actuality, out of school he has the mind, and kindness of a preschooler. Just look, somebody is waiting for you.
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