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I'm going to have a....

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because to be honest i am quite sick of waiting around for everything and i am totally sick of the lies everyones feeding me right

a few month ago my mam had cancer and she got rid of it, and she made my change her bandage a few times, and then a few month after that she told me she had 6 months to live cause she had it again, and then i found out she was lying just to mess with my head because its the kind of person she is, and of course that upset me even more to think that she would even tell a lie like that to me, and then she told me that my nana was dead, but about a week after she told me that my uncle ACCTUALLY saw my nana in stockton and had a word with her and she was doing quite fine, so she lied to me again to get to me, and she keeps arrguing with my dad to upset him and she does this ever year near christmas just so she has a reason not to help with christmas.

and thats not the only thing thats bothering me

last year in june i was molestered by my best friends dad, she told me it happend to her, when i told the police the police asked her and she said no and then started stiring shit about meand telling everyone i was lying, anyway, this year in august, a week before i was due in court about it, the person who was handling it came to my house and said that its been cancelled because they said i didnt have enough eveidence, well id like them to tell me why they couldnt have told me all that before , MAYBE A YEAR AGO THEY COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT.

Oh and.

I was sexually molestered again at new year, my other friend invited me to hers and we went to there next door neighbores for a laugh, i didnt know there was going to be alcohol but i give into it easy, yano, peer preasure, everyone my age is doing it they say, anyway, i had a few, and then then man of the house kept offering me more and more, when everyone had goen and i had passed out on there settee he came over to me and started kissing me ((by this time i had sobered up a bit)) and i was like WTF and then he started doing stuff and yano how it goes, then, again, my friend says that hes tried it with her, ((its a totally different friend BY THE WAY)) and she goes, if you tell the police i said that i will deny it and say that your making it up, wow, what friends i have, anyway, i tell my best friend of the time about it and he LAUGHS IN MY FACE AND CALLS ME A SLAG. Its now october, november in a few days, and im still waiting for somethng more then a video interview to happen, i havnt hear nothing in ages and thats what it was like the last time, by the time i do get to court IF I DO i will have forgot what happend and i will be looked upon as a compleat lier, oh and yes, his wife found out and said that shes going to tell the police that i dragged her in the kitched, started kissing her and tried to take off her bra, AS IF, IM 15 AND IM NOT LIKE THAT, so yea, there getting me done as well

whatever, no bodys probabaly even gunna asnwer to that i dont know why i bothered


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It sounds like you've had way more than you can stand in the recent past. I can't blame you for feeling frustrated and angry. I'd have a hard time trusting anyone if I'd been thru that much crap... and with friends like that, who needs enemies? Come here as often as you need to let off steam and make friends - real friends who won't lie to you and go back on their word. Real friends who truly care about your well being and won't treat you like crap.

I hope you find the peace and comfort and friendship you seek here. I did.


I wish I could help you. It must be horrible to go through things like that.

I want to say something to console you, or make you feel better, but I know that won't do any good. But if you want to talk, I do listen. Just ask, I'll send ya my email or sn or something. You don't deserve any of that. Not at all. Always remeber that.


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thanks =] to both of you, I dont really get people being nice to me like that, usually if i tell my friends something they have a go at me :S
that's not fair of them. Not being much of friends. Though I don't know your friends, people react in different ways. When they hear something they don't like, they attack it, as if it is the only way they can deal with it.

But like I said, I don't know them. And it is still not right of them to do that.

its like being bisexual, only it includes transgendered and genderqueer people instead of just men and women. Aka, i don't look at gender when i see a person or look for a relationship in them.
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