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  1. I dated this guy for almost two months everything was going great until the communication started slowing down. I knew something was wrong and I asked him if everything was ok with us. He said everything was fine. One day I asked him if we were going to meet up soon and he ignored me. He didn't answer my messages until 8 hours later and said that he wasn't talking to anyone and he felt depressed. Long story short he tells me a week later that he ran I to his ex and still isn't over her. He told me when we were dating that he didn't think of Her. It crushed me when he said that he still wasn't over her. They had a bad break up and he did by have the closer. So the next day after the conversation I had to know where we stood. If he needed time I would have been there. The conversation was fine until that was brought up. When I told him that I didn't know where to stand he stopped talking to me. He's ignoring me and won't answer me. I've tried so many times to talk to him and all I get is frustration. It hurts that he won't talk to me. I know he read the messages because I told him if he going to act like this then just remove me for his social network sites. I feel like I lost my best friend and I've cried everyday. I doubt he misses me and it kills me that he did have feelings for me and it went away.
  2. I feel like I had the wind knocked out of me. This pain is so unbearable I don't understand what happened. I would have been there for him if he needed time to heal but he pushed me away and it's the worst feeling in the world. He stopped following me on the social network sites but didn't block me. I sent him one last message saying that I never wanted to break communication with him and that if he wanted to talk again I would listen. I told him I had feelings for him and he still ignored me.
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    He has made his choice i am sorry he hurt you like that as he should have been honest with you from the get go that he still was not over his ex. You move on now ok he is not worth the pain you are feeling You deserve someone that loves YOU and only you hun Move on ok find that special someone I know you are grieving this loss this friendship you thought was there hun but it was a lie HE was a lie hun don't contact him anymore don't let him hurt you anymore ok MOVE ON get out with your friends and find someone new. h ugs
  4. Thank you. You are very sweet.
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    I am glad this happened after just a couple months instead of after a year or several years as if often the case. I would suggest putting it behind you by instead of offering something up like your friendship that he can use as a weapon to hurt you with by ignoring you go ahead and block him from your social media (for your sake more than his so you will not keep trying to follow up and see what is going on in his life) and go back to whatever it was you were doing 3 months ago, before you met him. Take the power to make you feel bad by not responding away from him by making it impossible for him to respond and then find somebody that is worth your time because clearly he is not now.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Update:
    So we ended up talking again and things still feel really weird. He said that he did that because he has a hard time communicating. I'm sorry but that is a terrible reason to do that to someone. The communication is still really weird and it bothers me. To make it worse he just got a job right next door to where I work. So we'll see each other every now and then. What bothers me is that if this doesn't work out why is the universe trying to torture me?
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    If it's still weird then let it stay that way so your heart isn't broken in pieces again.
  9. What do you mean? What blows my mind is that the time we were talking the guy gets a job near where I am. He had no idea. I don't understand why the universe is trying to tortiae me.
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    You said it was weird having convo with him. Keep your distance as guys like this will just break your heart again and again. Keep it as friends only until you're sure he's going to commit 100 percent into this otherwise just chalk it up to friend only thing. The universe is a funny thing with coindences
  11. Yes it does. I see what you mean. I plan on doing just that. Thank you!
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    You are making it worse on yourself by continuing to talk to him. At one point, I kept talking to my ex-fiance after we broke up hoping we could somehow fix things. It did me absolutely no good, and all that happened was that I ended up crying after every single conversation we had. He kept stringing me along making me feel like there was still a chance we could work it out, but not giving me a clear cut answer on anything, none that made sense anyway. Well, eventually, I stopped making it worse on myself and moved on. I met my current husband, and (imagine that), as soon as he found out that I was with someone else he started wanting to fix things right away. Except by then it was too late, and my husband and I have been married for a year and a half now. So basically, stop letting him screw with your head, it won't lead to anything good. Pretend like he never even existed and move on, you can do better.