I'm having trouble moving

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  1. robroy

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    im not exactly sad or tired, I'm just having trouble finding the strength to move. I just can't seem to care right now, just want to sit down, not sure what's wrong with me but this seems to happen to me a lot . Can anyone else relate or advise me?
  2. Acy

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    Hi, robroy. Fatigue and various aches and pains be there because of depression...and also because of a variety of common physical ailments. I think the best bet is for you to see your doctor - he/she will be able to ask the right questions and order blood work and/or other tests to diagnose and help you.

    A simple thing like not having enough iron in our diet can result in anemia, and the fatigue of anemia is a lot like the fatigue with depression (in my experience).

    I'd get checked out and nip whatever is happening in the bud. I hope you feel better soon! :)
  3. True-Lee

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    I am sorry Robroy, Yes I would get checked out , the way that you are talking sounds like it is not all new to you! if that is, definitely see your doc! I am sorry that you are feeling that because it will affect your mood later! I do hope that you are feeling better! The other item I want to ask you about because it is a depressant, the other night Sat I seem to remember you saying you were doing some drinking? That is your call but It is a depressant, some it affects differently but I was just wondering how much you had an how it affects you? With that all said I like and appreciate you and I do not want to see you getting sick Please! Take care of yourself to the best of your ability!
  4. robroy

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    Thanks Leigh, I don't usually drink much anymore becuse of it affects me so deeply, but on Saturday I was so nervous about the big talk with my parents I couldn't help it. I'm going to talk to my doctor more on Saturday about this but I just wanted to see if others had dealt with this.