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the prodigal failure

I have been suicidal many times in my life. I have 3 attempts that were unsuccessful but the last one was close ( 3 days in ICU on a ventilator). The fact that I am here is positive. My wife, I cannot talk to about how I feel. She views these feelings as selfish attempts at her, which is far from the truth. I would give anything to not be suicidal, to not have a form of bipolar disorder, to be normal, for lack of a better word. Maybe I can help some of you and perhaps you may help me, knowingly or not.
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Welcome to SF, prodigal! I am sorry that you're hurting right now. When somebody will not listen to me or I am not in the mood to talk, I write down everything I am feeling. Sometimes, I tear up the paper I wrote it on! It makes me feel tons better. Feel free to type your feelings here; we will listen and offer our support. I look forward to seeing you around the forum. Best wishes to you :)
Welcome to SF. I am sure you will find someone to share your pain with. We have many good people here that truly do understand. :hug: PM me if you would like to talk
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Hi - and welcome to SF. I am sorry that you have been hurting so bad - hopefully the members at SF will understand and be able to help - many people here know how painful problems can be. Hope to see more of you here




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Welcome to the forum!:smile: Come here as often as you need to vent or help. I am sorry you have been unhappy and hope that perhaps our friendship can help you in some way.

hugs and hope,

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