im hurtin' tonight fellas

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    my blood runs cold tonight.. i could literally feel the warmth leave my skin

    i had a girl over who i really love man.. she was my best friend. closest person i ever been to you know.. like, she knows how i feel about her and she accepted that, our friendship thrives more than ever.. but she has a boyfriend... she has no idea what she's missing out on by being with that wanker and not with me.
    we had fun today talking but she couldnt stay over because her bf was in town. when she left, seriously i went from happy n joyous to [​IMG] in about 4 seconds

    thing is, you know the girl and her boyfriend are gonna be fuckin tonight.. coz they dont see each other often, and her sex drive is more stronger than most men.

    good thing is, i could have him beaten to his death. noone down here likes him, and niether do i.
    bad thing is, it wouldnt make her feel any closer to me than what she already feels now. nothing would i dont think.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.