I'm hurting real bad

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    I have a loving family, a girlfrind that I LOVE SO MUCH, I'm surrounded with loving people but inside I feel empty, not wothy of this life. I wish I had another chance to live it all over again, I would do so many things differently. How can I leave this earth when I have so many loving people here? I can't bear the thought but I know that I have a world full of love waiting for me on the 'other side'. I'm only 24 and have the rest of my life ahead of me but I want to end it right now, I feel really sad right now. If I was to meet my maker right now I would say 1 word, Sorry! I'm so sorry for wasting a good life
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    from your post I feel you are hurting and i only wish there was something that could be said or done to make it ok for you.

    I get you when you say that you wish you could have done things differently if you live you life, but what you can do now is what matters most. We can't change the past but we can change the present and therefore the future as well.

    I'm glad you can see hope that you 'have the rest of your life to live' and you know you have 'a world full of love waiting for me'. Not many people in this world can truly say that with conviction.