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im in trouble

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ok so i started dating this boy.well he wanted a nude pic so i sent one without thinking and he sent one to me.well his dad took his phone a found them.he said his dad was going to tell the police.i cant go to jail.i dont know what else to do.please help me!


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You are in a mess. Are you a minor? Is he a minor? The answers to these questions will have a lot to do with whether your trouble is little or big. I would think that if the father knew you had a nude picture of his son, who would be in the same trouble as you (if you are the same age) then he wouldn't do anything.
yes im 16 as well as him.after he told me what his dad said i made him tell his dad that he sent them to me too and that he asked me for the picture i think that changed his mind, because me and him would be in the same amount of trouble
lol dont worry about it, stuff like that happens all the time and especially if you are 16 you have nothing to worry about. you know who has to worry about something his dad for looking at those nudy pics. what a pervert. what country are you from?


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NEVER send a naked photo of yourself to anyone!

NEVER send one to someone on the internet!!!

If you have not met someone and need a naked photo - well each to their own but I find it bizarre that this happens.

As for laws - some nations CAN penalise young people for this - not everyone is the West with its anything goes laws.

In some nations - -well - you'd be killed for it.

Certainly jailed (Try the Saudis with the special brand of hypocrisy)

But law aside - it is silly to do this.

What happens of you fall out and he sends the photo around?

Happens all the time - boys compete to get a girl to send a photo.

A father looking at a phone - well there are privacy issues - but got to say - what if the guy was a lot older? That happens also. So dad was maybe being protective but - I agree that spying on the phone was wrong. I know a mum who found some older guy in his 30s after her 14 yr old. An internet romance! Lets see you naked before we go on a date. If we go on a date. People collect these photos also - they appear on websites of course. What for? Something not very romantic - when you picture the process.

Would you want to be ogled by a myriad of sickos?

Anyhow in future send a photo of yourself on a night out or something.

If you get married one day - and he needs a naked photo or two - go for it.

I'd never agree to any request like that myself - but thankfully- nobody does so there is no awkward PM conveying my decline in polite terms and warning of the dangers of doing it in the first place.

I don't think most 16 yr olds can say whether the love of their life right now will be in 12 weeks - and if he is going to destroy the photos when you break up or show them to other boys - which happens a lot and causes a LOT of grief when its used as a bullying tool - a put down.

No women never regretted not sending naked photos

But many do regret sending them.

Its not something anyone actually NEEDS as part of a new relationship.

Don't ever be pressured into this.

Even if you feel like its a good idea in the heat of the moment - think long and hard about what could happen with the photos.

I think a man ought to hold that vision in his memories - not on the phone or laptop and so on.

IF this young man is your boyfriend - that's not too bad - but if you met him on the internet and have not even met him - even if you 'think' you know him - that is unwise - but you learn the lesson and thankfully apart from some embarrassment - its not an issue.

Live and learn.

Anyone else wants to see you in the flesh send a photo of you as a baby.

good luck!

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