Im jealous of people who are more successful then me.

I wish I could be someone different. I'm not academic in the slightest but this world has made it so hard for people who aren't academic. I feel like I'm a failure in life with everything and nothing will pull me out of it. I feel ugly and useless in every way possible. I'm not even concerned about looks that much anymore anyway but I know you need it if you want to be successful. I have gained weight and I already have bad stretched mark skin so you can already guess what I look like. I just wish I could be successful so I could earn more money and be able to be in a job that you can progress in. I want to eventually move out but it will likely never happen as I'm not intelligent.
To make matters worse I'll likely never be in a relationship as I have a low libido from antipsychotics and inability to acheive climax. This makes me feel so bad that I don't even want to be in a relationship

There are days when I can't even stand to be in this world much longer because of all the pain I'm experiencing and seeing that I'd rather just not exist at all and wish I was aborted or miscarried I hate my life so much and I'm scared for tomorrow.

I'm at a point now where nothing gives me joy at all. I'm just breathing,existing for nothing and I hate it.

At least if I was more successful I could move out on my own and be able to support myself. I can't even do that and I hear of work colleagues going on to university and I know if I ever did that I'd never cope,nor have the brain power to be able to finish.

What is wrong with me?
Sigh ill never know.

I Love Tomorrow

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I would start with maybe redefining how you view 'success', and not worrying so much about what others do or have. I heard from a wise person, something he heard from a wiser person, which is,"Success is not measured so much by the have or have not, it comes from how well you deal with your problems." That has helped me, maybe it can be good for you too. The surface view of others is also often different from what's actually going on inside, so remember that you may not have all of the information yet for judgement, for both yourself and them.

I don't think there's anything wrong with you, as you feel things that many others feel also. It's just part of the learning process we all go through, and no part of it is easy. Have you tried or do you have access to counseling or therapy?

Lady Wolfshead

wishes you well
You don't need a degree to be successful - there are many training programs you can do at a trade/technical school or community college to get a decently paid career. I really encourage you to do this now while you're young and living at home.

I really think you should talk to a counsellor about how you're feeling, as it sounds like you could be suffering from serious depression. A counsellor could help you decide what path you want to choose for a career. Also check with your psychiatrist to see if your meds need adjusting. Anorgasmia should not be a side effect you have to live with - I told my psychiatrist when I was unable to climax and she immediately took me off that medication.


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I'm sorry your feeling this way, I hope you are feeling better.
Success is measured in so many ways, look at me I'm successful, I have several companies, I fly round the world for business, and yet I am the loneliest man in the world, money only makes you comfortable, I have failed in my life as I didn't look at the things that really matter, and wasted it, the trick is to get a ballance, small steps, small goals, making a cup of tea, ( I'm English ๐Ÿ˜‚) makes you successful at making a cup of tea, so set small goals, write them down, if you make them small enough, you can achieve each one, of of course you will need a role of toilet paper ๐Ÿ˜‚ each one you mark off your successful.
You also need to get some confidence in who you are, your perception of who you are, stretch marks so what people will love you for what you are. Anyway I wish you all the luck in the world

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