im just a 12 year old

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    i need to scream at someone. im sick of him. treating me like a lil kid. there was a fucking diversion. i dont make the road close. How is it my fault?! im sick to death of it. i never knew i was on a curfew. you knew what had happened. mum was fine with it but not you. have to give the last work on how useless i am. make it clear that i cocked up. Would you rather me be home earlier and drive like a fucking maniac? cos i could have. or i could have just not come home. im so tempted to just fuck off somewhere. never come back. i feel like doing it today. just run away to the end of the world. i cant deal with it. i spent the night crying. i just wanted someone to hold me and say it is all ok. but thats not gonna happen. I got nothing here anymore.
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    everything will be ok, trust me vb. if you need to scream at someone then i can make myself available.

    and heres your hug :hug: