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I'm Just A Joke(trigg)

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Okay I have to vent right about now I've had it. It seems like i get laughed at everywhere i go. I'm sick of it and want to be treated like a normal person. I know people laugh because I'm very insecure about myself and I hardly ever smile so they can pick up on that. I'm usually not the one to complain I hold it all inside but I've had it!!! Nothing is going right in my life right now. I dropped out of college after my freshman year. I've been out of college for a year now. I want to go back but it seems like NOBODY believes in me. It just makes me feel like giving up on everything including life. All i have is my little part-time job and I get mistreated there. I just want to go somewhere and never come back. I don't feel loved at all. I have no support system and when I do go back to college I think I will have to pay for it on my own. My parents are so upset with me for dropping out but they just don't understand that it was too much to bare and I was depressed. I still live at home and im 19. Before I wrote this i couldn't stop crying. It's very rare for me to cry and I can't take it anymore this is the end of me trying to accomplish anything. I want to give up on life...please help me.


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Hi there and welcome to the forum,

I'm sorry that things are so tough for you right now.. I really hope that writing how you're feeling and what you've been going through, down here will have helped in some way. Sometimes it can help just to get it out and share it with people. Please be assured that we won't laugh at you here.

I can relate to the feeling that no one believes in you.. i have struggled with that to some extent. I feel like i always seek approval from others, and it hurts to keep striving for the approval and never get it (it's tiring too!). Although it's much easier said than done, i think the affirmation has to come from yourself first.

Sorry that your parents don't understand the reasons why you dropped out of college. Have you tried talking to them? I think it was the best decision for you.. afterall you were depressed and it doesn't sound like college was helping... are you thinking of taking up college again then?

You said you don't have any support.. i truly hope that this website is able to provide some support to you. We're limited in what we can do, but it's good to have people to talk to.. also, would you consider talking to a counsellor or your doctor? Maybe it would help to talk about your feelings with a professional, and maybe get medication to help lift your mood?

Anyway, i look forward to hearing from you again. In the meantime please take care of yourself.. you are a good person.. and i do care
Jenny x


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If you can go to a doctor there might be a chance of support from your college. If the doctor diagnoses you with depression you MIGHT be able to go back to college with a mitagated circumstance meaning they will grant you support. It's a long shot but it's worth looking up. What you really need to find out is, will you be able to do college this time around or will the same depression mess you up again. Maybe the doctor can kill two birds with one stone. I hope you find the answers your looking for.
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