Im just a little bit angry

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    For a long time I havent been able to feel like this. I finally have someone I like and I am finally able to accept the fact that I have feelings for him. And so Ive been thinking of finally coming out of my shell and try to make a change by taking the initiative to appreciate myself a bit more so he'd start to appreciate me too. And Ive been giving it my all, Im being as patient as I can be, Im trying hard to be "out" there just so I could make some sort of connection with him.

    He's a friend and a classmate of my brother. My brother's also aware of how I feel about his friend and yet it's just so fucking frustrating at how he talks about the guy and another friend of him being a thing right in front of me like why dont he just fucking stab me instead?

    I know Ive no right to dictate who he supports and that if the guy I like likes someone else I cant do anything about it but please be a bit more sensitive.

    Im angry and frustrated that I seem to be nonexistent to the people around me and its driving me crazy that no matter what I do it'll lead me to think that "of course he'd choose her than me" or "as expected, Im nothing".
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    That's cool that you like someone.

    Possible the friend you like has a bro code that ther friends sisters are off limits.
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    Well that's just lame. To be considered off-limits just coz he's friends with my brother.. I don't really know what to do now. I guess I'll just keep stealing glances at him til my eyes fall out.
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    I actually had a predicament the same as this about a month ago. This guy is very good friends with my brother....the guy had a girlfriend, I did go to his house, we kissed that was all even though he wanted more and sex. I put my foot down and said no means no. Anyway the end result we just left it off as a once off kiss, I told him I wasn't prepared for a relationship yet. Now we still are good friends.

    I'm really sorry for what you are going through, must be very tough, I can definitely see how it makes you angry. About it being lame considering its off limits because he's your brother's friend. I can see both sides, it would be awkward for your brother, you could end in a nasty break-up and your brother would lose his friend and on the other hand you should be able to date who you want. If he is into you and ye are meant to be together it will work. I do have to say though that your brother is being very insensitive!

    Hugs to you :hug: