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i'm just dead

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yupz i'm dead inside- my body just want to follow my soul
i cant think- everything is just painful- i cn't breath i dun want to do it anymore
i dont want to talk with
i feel pity at myself- for feeling this way- just for little things
looking this forum i can see that ppl suffer even more than me- it hurts too- i wish i could take the place of any of them- i deserve to suffer-
masochism?- no, dont think so

i just want to stop feeling this pain in my chest? is that much to ask?
who can denied that to my body?
my biggest sidere right now is being a good fertelizer for a tree- is that a selfish thing to ask?

i saw on the news- "the body of a 7 yo girl raped and decapited was found.."
why it couldn't be me?
why it has to be that girl?
why not those bitches that call themseves mother while they are just hittingtheir kids cuz "they belong to them"-

its god's plan- said that bitch of my teacher
yeah so everything thats happening right now is cuz thats the way god wanted it- not becuase i chosed it? we are just peons in a chess game- moving at his will-??
this is just confusing

god could you please kill me at leave me go to their side? i miss them- here is just so painful to be i don't like it


I'm sorry you feel this way:sad: You don't deverve to suffer!! I'm sure you don't!!
I'm thinking the same way... ''Why is everything what I want too much to ask?'' And I don't know... I think i've never done something really wrong, so i don't know. Why do some people have to feel like this? It;s not fair...
You don't wanna be raped, you should be happy you're still alive (eh I'm not sure why but it must be the best to stay alive)
I don't think I like God so much... I'm sorry. but this world sucks. Why did he make it so terrible? All the wars, hungry people, suicides, bla bla bla.
How do you feel know?
I hope you feel better:hug:
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