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I'm LAR, Provider of any and all, entertainment and diversions

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Who am I?

I'm a twenty year old guy, from somewhere the English empire may or may not have occupied within the last thousand years.

What do I do?

I'm currently working as "Information Services" for a small corporation. In other words, I do whatever random computer tasks they need.

My hopes and dreams are to become an R.N. and then work to transfer my degree in to a full fledged doctorate.

I'd also like to own a nightclub, but that's just a pipedream. More of an excuse for me to design things than anything else.

What do I like to do?

Chat, talk, socialize and engage other people in rousing conversations. I like helping others and people watching, and I love to solve mysteries involving other people. I like reading books (especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy), philosophical treatsies, and other people's rants.

I've also got a penchant for motorcycles, touring and rally cars. I've got a thing for all kinds of cars: old cars, new cars, concept cars, you name it. I'm a petrolhead.

I've also got a thing for lights and shiny things. I like bright colors contrasted with black, I like adding electroluminescent panels on to almost everything I own, I like staring at beautiful things.

I like fixing things as well. Whether it's mechanical or organic, if I can heal, mend it or repair it, I will.

Beats too. I love my beats. Be it dupstep, trance, EBM, if it's got something I can move too, I love it.

So, before I start a rant about all of the things I like, I am glad to have met you all!
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