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  1. Adam_D

    Adam_D Well-Known Member

    Since my anthropo-nausea is on the rise, I am now officially leaving SF to look for another community if not oblivion. No one knows me, so I guess it doesn't matter for any to read this then disregard it.

    Please don't ask nor beg for me to stay because it's as if people do know me which in truth, they don't.

    I've always being a closed-person and that's the way it should be for me. I trust no one, not even one person and that principle has helped me because I can't be tricked nor exploited. Perhaps people who are like me are the ones to get along with and I found no one the that on SF.

    I request to administration for my account to be annihilated, but I don't mind if all the posts I've made on the board to remain after.
  2. victor

    victor Account Closed

    well, i dont know u, dats true, but no one will get to know u if u wont let em to. it says ure here 4 long time.. well, im new anyway. but this place is awesone with a bunch of lovely mutherfuckers who can make u smile when ur at ur worst:D up to u man but u wont find a better place, thats 4 sure lol
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    How do you know there is no one like you here. Many of us isolate many of us don't trust something we learned a long time ago You don't have to trust people here they will care for you either way. Took me along time to let that barrier down a bit still i won't let it down completely not a wise move. You will learn who to trust and who not to trust but it will only be thru trial and error it happens. People i thought i could trust boy was i wrong had my heart torn apart omg it hurt but then you move on and learn from that mistake.
    I hope you know you are not different from alot of us We too keep ourselves in that little box of ours so you really don't get to know us either.
    Hope you reach out a tiny bit pm me anytime i do understand
  4. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    I understand.
  5. Tiredofitall

    Tiredofitall Active Member

    The first person to trust is yourself. Then forgive the others who you can't trust. People act from the wickedness in their heart. But there ARE good people who DO want to help. Trust is discovered through relationships. Keep the ones that retain that trust. But remember, people fail all the time. We're only human.
  6. Adam_D

    Adam_D Well-Known Member

    Hmm... my account still exists.

    The problem of trust is vulnerability. I have trusted people before and what I received in return was deceit and pain. I can't allow that to happen again, I will not risk it.

    When it comes to being known, perhaps this is not what I want. I'd rather keep myself to myself, because I'm seperate from the rest and I feel that it should be that way to remain safe.
  7. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    i understand remaining safe and being hurt by many but it is the ones that show kindness to me show me as well that sometimes trust can be a good thing. I know it is a hard chose i hate feeling so much pain when one breaks the trust that was given Just be careful okay Adam don't isloate too much as that pain is just as much as the pain of being betrayed
  8. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    Some people are worth the risk.
  9. Adam_D

    Adam_D Well-Known Member

    I used to believe that, until it nearly destroyed me.

    Keeping people away and rejecting them before any damage is done has done me good so far.
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  10. Iron Pigeon

    Iron Pigeon Member

    It almost destroyed me but i still believe it
  11. Adam_D

    Adam_D Well-Known Member

    That's your choice but I've decided mine.

    It's like when I get to close to anyone, there's a negative field around them that screws me over from the inside out. Knowing too much about them is dangerous to me.
  12. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    It takes a lot for me to consider someone a friend, to truly trust them enough to not be constantly worried and on guard in their presence. All of my friends are similarly afflicted with OCD and/or depression. We share the same perspective of surviving rather than living and experiencing the world relatively unencumbered.

    You are with peers here. Every human knows how it feels to be betrayed but every member here knows how much more intensely we feel the pain. Most members here have a highly developed sense of empathy so I hope you stay around to make a friend.
  13. Adam_D

    Adam_D Well-Known Member

    Too late for that. My time is long up. I don't have any feelings. Just my mind is all that remains.