I'm literally at WAR with my existence

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    Fuck this existence. Fuck you, LIFE. I will fucking destroy you, you hear me? I WILL DESTROY YOU. You fucked me over from birth, and I'm not going to let you get away with it. I'm getting my fucking revenge. Oh yes I will. One day I will GET my fucking revenge and you will be nothing but ashes and dust. You won't matter. You won't even BE fucking matter. FUCK YOU. fuck you. FUCK you. Fucking asshole. I don't even have enough love for you to fucking poour out any god damned HATE for you. You're the worst thing to ever happen to me.

    Your days are fucking numbered. You better count 'em on one hand. 'Cuz I'm coming. I'm coming to take you DOWN, life. I'm coming to rape away your fucking useless, pointless, degrading existence, you fucking insult to the universe. You will see my fucking wrath. I hope you smell it, taste it, shit it out, vomit it and lick it up again, because it's coming and

    I'm fighting you. Why am I fighting you? "In defense of my dreams," bitch. You've got to go. I've had it up to here with you and your... shit. It stinks. It's rancid. It's rabid. It's downright superfluous nonsense.

    You better count your days, motherfucker, and watch your back. Because everywhere you look I'll be there. Everywhere you go I'm there, waiting. So you run. RUN. Get your god damned army. Oh that's right. You don't HAVE ONE! Ho ho ho! Well well well. One or both of us is just going to be a dead motherfucker at the end of the day then won't we? Yeah well we'll see.

    We'll see. Escalate to DEFCON 2.
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    i am not realy sure what i could say to make you feel a bit better.i wish i would know.i have no idea where the angryness towards life comes from but you must have a good reason being that angry.allthough i dont know you i feel pretty shitty seing you in this situation and i hope you find a way to feel better very soon.have you searched for professional help allready? pm me if you like to talk i have plenty time