I'm living in a fantasy world and I can't get out.

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Cathy, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Cathy

    Cathy Member

    I feel like I am living in another world again. I've made up these scenarios and nothing else matters anymore except for my life in that world. I feel like I've lost complete contact with reality. I try to get out by focussing on other things, but my thoughts keep dragging me back in. All I feel like doing is writing about the things I made up, even though I know they are nonsensical and will never happen.
    I just want to get out and be happy again with the life I am living...
  2. Rockclimbinggirl

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    Hugs. Have you told someone about your fantasy worlds yet?
  3. Cathy

    Cathy Member

    No, I haven't they are crazy and self-centered and I'm too ashamed...
  4. BitterandNumb

    BitterandNumb Member

    Sometimes I can get caught up imagining scenarios that will never happen in my head, too. It's so much easier than facing reality...
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  5. Don't be ashamed Cathy, you're not alone. Maybe talking about it would make it easier to get out of it by getting help?
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  6. Frances M

    Frances M Mountain Woman

    I spent about a year living a fantasy life. I was really isolated and just didn't want to leave the house. I was bored and lonely so my fantasy life was something I looked forward to, to pass the time. I actually wrote everything out, I guess kind of blog-style with photos and stories. It was a private blog so I didn't feel embarrassed but I let it all out. Eventually I grew tired of it and found more "real" things to do.
  7. Cathy

    Cathy Member

    I know what you mean Frances. I can't wait to be by myself and start writing. It's hard for me to concentrate on real life because there is nothing I look forward to anymore. I don' t feel like it's a life worth living anymore.
  8. Frances M

    Frances M Mountain Woman

    I remember saying the same thing to myself "my life is a waste, what's the point"...but you know, hindsight will pat me on the back for choosing to do what I could do to make my life worthwhile. It took me a long time to get out of it though, I still feel as though my teens, twenties and thirties were a complete wasted life and I WISH I had that time back. But I can't undo the past. I'm 48 and my life is as real as it gets now. But I have come a long way and I love how I live now. One day you just wake up and say "I've had it, I'm doing something new"...well, that happened to me, I hope it happens to you soon.

    I remember my fantasy life, I had three boyfriends lol...and they all loved me and didn't mind sharing me with each other. I lived on a farm and somehow had lots of money and didn't have to work...ah the mind... :)
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  9. curlyq

    curlyq Active Member

    I do the same thing! I make up these outrageous scenarios and relationships in my head..It's almost like having imaginary friends, like little kids do. I've never told anyone because I feel embarrassed and definitely take way too much comfort in it :/
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  10. Adil

    Adil Member

    i think living in your dreams is really better than real life.I really wanna sleep forever and live in my dreams
  11. Cathy

    Cathy Member

    Adil, I wish I could too. There is nothing tempting to break me out of it. It makes me wonder how so many people CAN be sattisfied with life. Why even bother. If I wouldn't hurt anyone, I would be long gone allready.
  12. Adil

    Adil Member

    in my dreams i have money good clothes job .But in real life i am a poor student . Being without money showed the side of life where so many bad people , so many dramatic situations.After this i don't communicate with people except in forums like that.My dreams are better than this life .If you wanna enjoy life at first find friends which think like you and life will be interesting for you.Sorry for broken english
  13. ghostangelcake7

    ghostangelcake7 Well-Known Member

    I do this all the time. Since being a child, always imagined myself and my life vastly different, but at least I do know it is all fictional and can discern my reality from my daydreaming..lol

    I do love to daydream, and I see it as just another survival mechanism.
  14. Brian777

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    Hey Cathy, maybe it's not such a bad thing.....a dream world. When we were kids our imagination would allow us infinite possibilities, until we were made to conform to the "societal norm" which is pretty much a mess in my opinion.
    Also I believe everything that's good and beautiful started off as someone's dream, inventions, artwork, etc.
    Maybe you can use you're imagination for a higher humanitarian cause instead of feeling guilty or abnormal about it.
    I think I prefer dreams to the stark materialistic reality of the world.
    Dream on my friend.