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I'm losing it...

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I need help!!!! im driving myself insane with my emotions...my ex boyfriend walked out on me...he now has a new girlfriend....wow...............i currently have a bf..nicest sweetest guy ever but idk..i dont want to ruin my new relationship..i cut my wrist..i have an addiction to it..and when i found out my ex tattoed his new gf's name on his wrist????? they've only been together 3 months!!! I WAS WITH HIM FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS!!!! yes im broken...im dying inside..all i think is suicide suicide suicide.....please help.........please....why is it bothering me? i miss my ex..only person who knew me perfectly..but i dont want him back, i just miss him?? aaahhh...

:bubble: <---made me feel slightly better..weirdly.


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Hi there, Brenda! :) :hug:

I wish you the best with your new relationship and can only begin to imagine how tough of a time you're having right now dealing with your ex-bf etc. My thoughts are with you.

Also, I know what it's like to have suicidal thoughts, and I guess in that regard I can relate somewhat.

Here listening,

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