Im more than a little scared of getting hurt

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  1. We've been talking for a while now, at least a month, and at first I didnt think anything would happen, it seemed awkward, slow, kind of forced, but thats probably because were so alike, and we suffer from that same dreaded condition.

    Now things are so very differant. As I get to know you, more and more similarities come out.

    Your such a kind and considerate person. :hug: Not once have you raised an eyebrow at my problems with drinking, my suicidal thoughts, the way I think so negatively all the time, the fact I feel like such a loser, and feel like Ive wasted my life.

    You like all the same things I do...

    - the same foods
    - the same music
    - the same movies
    - the same games
    - the same weather

    so many things...

    You even kind of want the same career path.

    It sounds strange because weve never meet, weve never even spoken on the phone together, but these last few days Ive felt that same feeling stirring again inside me, and im worried.

    Im worried that the same thing will happen again
    Im worried that im going to have to go through that pain again
    Im worried that if it doesnt work, im so fragile these days, that I dont know what would happen.

    I know you want to take it slow, and so do I....but things seem to be gathering speed as we become closer. I need to be smart and cautious I guess.

    This morning I felt that same surge of thought about you, the same intense feeling that ive felt about another person.

    I know its stupid, I know its far far too early...weve never even meet, it seems seriously preemptive, but I think..

    I think im starting to fall for you.
  2. Well, some of that ruled out the possibility this might be from Cynthia. Damnit!
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