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I'm New, Be Nice

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Hello I'm Megan. I'm 16 and Pro-Ana.

I e-mailed here a while ago warning you guys about a hack and spam. Hopefully you got the e-mail. I didnt have the guts the sign up at the time.

I have atempted suicide 10 times, most recent was last Tuseday. I called a hotline. Hotlines suck! I got little help. Oh well. If you guys have a chat room, I'll be there alot.

EDIT- How do you turn on the IMG codes??
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Hi Megan
Welcome to SF, this is pro-life site, so no pro-ana, tho there is an eating disorder section so if that is the reason you came maybe you'll find some help there. (rahul1000 - Pro-ana is a social movement promoting a view of anorexia nervosa as a lifestyle choice rather than a disorder)
Take Care


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Hi there and welcome to SF

Thanks for letting us know about the raid.. I believe Robin did receive your email.. thanks :)

Sorry the hotlines weren't of much help to you.. i hope you're able to find some help and support here. I look forward to seeing you around. There is a chat room.. there's a link to it on the main forum page

What does IMG code mean? :laugh: :unsure:

Take care
jenny x
IMG Code is, as far as I know, to put images into your post?

If you have the URL of a picture you want, just put

and that should make it appear :)

I believe Robin's disabled the IMG code though :confused:

Anyway - welcome to SF :)

Take care and see you around the forum.



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Hi and welcome to the forum.
I am newish here and from what I can tell everyone is really nice, caring and considerate.
Hope you find what you need here

He's disabled the IMG code? Huh! Didn't know that.
:welcome: to the Forum Megan :) I can only echo what everyone else is saying.
And if you're going to be in chat a lot, I'll probably see you there :tongue:
Take care,



Hi Megan :) welcome to the site :) I've turned off img code in signatures but you can use it in posts though. Thx for the raid warnings, anything that helps us prepare is a good thing. Make yourself at home, people are very friendly here :)
hiya megan!

welcome to the forums

feel free to pm me if you ever need to talk

enjoy your stay at the forums, theres a lovely bunch of people round here!

take care

vikki x


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10 times... man I need to catch up I am still at 0 cause I am a wuss...

Well welcome I hope that you find what you are looking for..... though it won't come from me seeing as how I am under moderation.
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