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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by mynameisthomas, Sep 25, 2013.

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  1. mynameisthomas

    mynameisthomas New Member

    I everyone. My name is Thomas. (I'm really creative when it comes to usernames).

    I decided to join this site because I need help. My best friend since 7th grade killed himself three years ago. We were both 21. It was the worse thing to ever happen to me. I try and try to find ways to get over it but it still weighs me down. I have so much trouble talking about it with people too. Maybe the wall of the internet will help me break out of that. As a result I'm anxious and scared. I don't think anything will ever work out. I'm scared to meet new people and make friends. All the things I used to like (basically everything I did with my best friend) I don't like anymore. Life has gotten better in the past three years. I got married to the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world. :) but still, my friend's suicide weighs me down... Sometimes, I want to join him. Not as much as I did 3 or 2 or even last year. But still, I wonder how I'm supposed to carry on or how things can ever get better. I fill like there's a hole in my being.

    I look forward to connecting with you all. I feel like what few family and friends I have don't know how to help me. They have never gone through what I'm going through. They still love me and care about me but still.
  2. ShoegazeDaydream

    ShoegazeDaydream ~Kid at Heart~

    Hello Thomas and wanted to welcome you to the forum! :)

    I'm sorry with what you had to go through, I never experienced anything like it before but I can understand why you're still having trouble coping with it. Although I do understand what it's like to be anxious and scared, I suffer with that quite a bit actually. This is a good forum and a supportive place. Been here for awhile now and even made a few new friends even. It surprised me cause I didn't think anyone could possibly connect with me or understand the type of pain I was going through. However there's lots of people here and be very supportive of you. Look forward to seeing you more amoung the boards. :)

    Take care and good luck with everything! :hug:
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    Hi and welcome. I know the pain of losing someoen close to me to suicide, and I think many others here know that pain too. :( I'm sorry you've had to experience it.
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