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im new here...

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sorry for my bad english...
i think i just hit rock bottom, cant stop crying... and it makes me more sad to se that people made 3,977 posts of the same reason...

i feel so sorry for everyone who feels like me, nobody is wourth this shit!
man im only human...


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You're right in saying that nobody deserves to feel this way. I want to be able to offer words of encouragement but I'm not feeling too optimistic or happy myself. I hope that you feel better soon.


I hope that you feel better soon. - i sure hope, emotions just flows over...
it gets worse and worse, i said it befour, that ive hit rock bottom... well, fuckin life suprice me everytime... :(


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welcome to the forum 9eleven, you can be picked up, you can be happy, but youve got to overcome these problems first.

Take care and I hope to see more of you,
Ally _%


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Welcome to the forum 9eleven.:smile: I"m sure you'll meet some wonderful loving friends here - I did, and they saved my life, literally, when I was ready to throw it all away. I wish you sucess in sorting out the problems in your life and working on them, one at a time, til you've overcome or outgrown them.:smile:

love and hugs,

Welcome to Suicide Forum hun, it's a great supporting place and it's a home to many, I hope you like it here and if you ever need to talk, just PM me or message me on MSN.. :hug: :hug: :hug:

--All my love,

jane doe

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hi, welcome to the forum. Here we all try to help each other, and no matter what , you wont be judge by anyone here, so feel free to let it all out. You can pm me at any time if you need it, i´m here, so don´t hesitate and pm me ok?
by the way your english is not bad (i´m sorry for mine too)take are and good luck:)
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