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Hey. I'm new here...so, hello I guess.
I'm Melissa and I'm almost 14 years old.
I'm use to this format, I get this site and stuff because it's a lot like teenhelp.org, which is where I practicly live.
I'm here to make friends, meet people like me and what not.
So there. I guess that's my introduction.


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:welcome: Melissa This is a great site and im sure you will be able to make friends here and get support when you need it. :hug: Beret


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Welcome Melissa!:smile:

I too hope you find this forum as useful as I have. It's my "safe haven" when I feel overwhelmed and worthless - I know my friends here will pick me up and pull me to safety.:smile:



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Thanks for the welcomes, guys. I have a feeling this along with teenhelp are going to be my 2 most visited sites (TH allready is)...we'll see.
People here are nice, which is cool, and I'm surprised to see a lot my age or not to much older :)
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