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I'm New - I Was Referred Here By A Woman In My Group Therapy

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Jaimeisbroken, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Jaimeisbroken

    Jaimeisbroken Well-Known Member

    Hi all, my name is Jaime, and yes, my mom spelled my name a weird way. However I like the way it is spelled because it makes me feel a little more unique. Like I said in the title I was referred here by a woman in my group therapy. I don't want to mention her name because I don't know what all she has shared with you all regarding her own life. She told me that people here has been a lot of support to her and helped keep her from harming herself. I thank all of you for that because without her in my group therapy I wouldn't have the courage to talk about my own issues.

    I guess I should tell you a little about myself. Well, I am a 17 year old female who was born in Iceland and in 2004 when I was 9, my mom and dad moved to America. Mom was born and raised in America and dad was raised in Iceland. They met in high school when my grandparents moved to America in the late 80s. Mom and dad fell in love and then moved to Iceland and the rest is history.

    What brings me to this forum is that I am scared of hurting myself. September last year I was abducted and rap@d. Since then between the legal issues with court and my emotional issues I have been fighting off the urge to take drastic measures to end my pain. Last year I even tried to kill myself after a really bad day at school that involved the half brother of the guy who assaulted me. I got really drunk and had my dad's "weapon" and was about to use it, but thankfully he and my sister came home and stopped me as I was squeezing the trigger.

    I have had dozens of days in which I thought about hurting myself. Anyway, I am getting way outside of what this thread is suppose to be for. I will save the rest for the right thread.
  2. ThornThatNeverHeals

    ThornThatNeverHeals Well-Known Member

    welcome to SF Jaime :) im glad you have found a great woman to support you in real life, and hope that as a community the members of this forum can also help with these feelings. Im glad to hear that someone has found relief ehre, and hope you do too. There are many people here who are willing to talk to you, and help you let out your problems while letting you remain virtually anonymous and unjudged. feel free to pm me :)

    best of luck
  3. Jaimeisbroken

    Jaimeisbroken Well-Known Member

    Thanks Thorn!
  4. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Welcome Jaime.

    The woman in your support group was right to refer you here; this is a very friendly, open-minded and supportive place, and I can say that at least one person I met here has kept me from attempting suicide on more than one occasion. I hope you're able to find the support you need as well.
  5. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Hi, Jaime. Welcome to SF! :smile: We're pretty friendly here and I'm sure you'll find lots of support, and even a few people who can relate only too well to your issues. I'm glad your friend in your group suggested SF.

    PS: I like your name spelled the way you spell it! Glad to hear you like it too.
  6. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    hi jaime and welcome.. hope this place is a safe harbor for you to be on and talk some about what you are currently facing and going thru. we do not want you to hurt yourselff also.. very pro living on here.. look around some.. got any questions please let us know.. tc, Jim
  7. Jaimeisbroken

    Jaimeisbroken Well-Known Member

    I think she was probably right too. I am glad that someone here was able to help keep you from attempting.
    Thanks for the welcome.

    Thanks for the welcome and the compliment on the way my mom spelled my name. :)

    Thanks for the welcome Jim
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