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I'm new; just no where else to turn to.

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so I just made an account tonight because my undiagnosed depression is getting worse. I tried telling someone other than my parents for the first time today and she took it much better than my parents did and said she is here for me which is really nice compared to my parents reactions. I had been feeling better since spring and thought my problem was going away but then towards the end of the school year (finished grade eleven) it quickly returned. I had quit my job, started slacking in my studies again and had issues sleeping. I feel like since summer started it's gotten worse and I guess I've just been lonely with my dad working, my mom always working and living away. Both my best friends (until today for one of them) are completely unaware of my depression and have been pretty busy with their new boyfriends. I hate feeling like I need other people's help; i've always been independent and headstrong and stubborn and have spent a lot of time raising myself but it's just getting to be too much. I find myself constantly crying for no reason which I hate because I hate crying because I feel like it's weak. I've also been thinking about suicide a lot lately, especially tonight. I can't sleep, yet again, and I guess I was just looking for something, someone, I don't really know.


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It’s likely hormone fluctuations. Hormone fluctuations can happen at your age and it is a very common cause of depression.

Be a good friend to yourself. Not only that it’s okay to need other people’s help, but it’s wise to ask for help when you need it. Get whatever is needed to get through this. Crying is not necessarily weakness. It can be a call for help. However, suicide can actually be a sign of weakness - not having the courage to be strong and go through difficult times in life…

So ignore the suicidal thoughts. Think about living instead. Do what you can (including asking for help from friends, family or even therapist) to get through the depression.

How you think or feel will change for sure. You are strong. You can get through this. Please hang in there…
Whatever you do, don't suicide ):
there are many people who care for you and support you, think about their feelings if you suddenly disappeared...
I also hate being dependent on others and being weak but humans can't achieve much alone. Sometimes its better, and more enjoyable, to have a helping hand. :hug:
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