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I'm new too

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I've already posted a whopping total of 2 post, but I hope you can forgive me to post here still.

I'm 19 years old, I've been depressed for about 3 years now, I'm autistic.

People have been saying to me 'you're too young, don't know life enough to be depressed', but tell that to my 3 year depression. I can't enjoy myself when I do anything, I don't feel like anything, I don't like doing things by myself, I can't stand to be around people, but I long to interact.

I'm a complicated case who probably just whines too much, but that's just me.

I've come here looking for people who share problems same as mine, in bigger lines and in smaller lines. Everyone here has most likely suffered from depression or something likewise, hence I've come here to share what I know and recieve knowledge that is here to aid me in my seemingly hopeless cause.

I'm looking forward to try and fit into this community,

Yours truly,

Welcome to the forum. Just so you know, almost 4000 posts later and I never actually got around to making a welcome thread lol... :rolleyes:

There are very few things that are simple... I dont think that you are whining though. Hope to get to you you better and see you around, maybe even in chat. =)



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Hey, welcome to SF

You will find many people here who can relate to lots of aspects of you, and hopefully that will provide you with some comfort that youa re not alone.

People who say those things (about being young, etc) are just plain ignorant, so please do not take it to heart, here we know that depression can strike at any age for any reason.

If you ever need a chat then my PM box is always open

Take care of yourself


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:welcome: to SF. I am sure you will find understanding people here. We understand depression and the issues that go hand in hand with it. Take care, :hug:

jane doe

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hi and welcome to the forum. Most of us here suffer of deppresion and we try to help and listen to each other, so i know you´ll fit before you can say that word lol. well i wanted to tell you that if you ever need to talk, i´m here so pm me at any time. take care and i hope to see you around!!


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Hello & :welcome: to SF, I'm glad you found us and I'm sure you will fit in just fine.

Take care Hazel xx

Sa Palomera

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Welkom op SF. Voel je vrij om me een PM'etje te sturen als je met een Nederlander wilt praten. (Ik las dat je Nederlands bent in een van je posts)

Ester x


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Thanks all for your kind replies, I haven't checked to reply, but truly, thank you. ^^ It means more to me then you know.

I'm not much of a forum person, anymore.. I used to roam forums all the time.. But I can't anymore. Hence I'll only be PMing and trying to get people on MSN, I already have quite a few. I won't be getting a high post count or anything, but I'll be active.
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