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I'm new!

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I've already posted to a few other threads, but I'll introduce myself.
My name is Preston. I have "borderline" schizoaffective disorder that occasionally crosses the line into full-blown schizophrenia. Most of the time I hear voices but I know they're not real.

I was hospitalized for the first time last June, committed against my will. I was hospitalized and then institutionalized over Christmas, but it was voluntary this time. Since then, the medication I'm taking helps with the voices, but at the cost of my creativity, which I'm not sure is worth it. I have attempted suicide five times in the last three years. My very first suicide attempt was when I was nine. I was psychotic then, but doctors refuse to call a nine-year-old schizophrenic because that's about six years before schizophrenia generally presents.

I've come to this community in search of other people like me. From what I've seen so far, most of you have been through the same kinds of problems I have. That's important, because I'm tired of asking people for help who have no idea what I'm going through. Being told you have a mental illness is like being told you have terminal cancer. There's little they can do about it and you just know you're going to die of it.

Thanks for having me.
:welcome: to SF Preston. I am glad you found us. You will find many people hear who truly do understand what you are going through. As you mentioned, it is nice to have someone who has been there to talk to rather than someone who has just read and studied about it. Settle in and be ready for new relationships to form. Take care. :hug:


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Welcome to the site, Preston!:smile: I think you'll make a lot of good friends here, as I did, and find the members to be a good lot. We're good at listening and we understand better than most what it's like to be emotionally ill, as we have our own problems too. Again, welcome to the forum!:smile:


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hi and welcome, if you ever want to talk with me just let me know, i´ll try to be your support and i want you feel free to post whatever you are feeling. take care
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