I'm not a bad guy!

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    I'm not. I am so tired of coming on here to vent about the same stuff every time but it's like. I need to say it over and over or I am going to explode.

    I'm not the BAD GUY! My family on both sides have huge issues. So much drama we could have our own show and people would be like, those Osborns are so healthy and well spoken... my family is just plain trashy in some of its blood lines. The smart, funny, classy ones keep postponing procreation to discover themselves and the garbage keeps breeding. I have an aunt that is a great grandma and she is 49! She has four great-grand kids between her three grand kids (that are all 18 and under) that belong to one daughter! Anyhow... back ot the friggin point.

    My mother and HER dysfunctional family fight all the time. They love/hate/love/hate depending on the situation. Right now her siblings are no longer her family and I am not supposed to like them either. She wrote off her sister again and I am close to her daughter so I still talk to them. My mom is like, your siblings support me, they don't have anything to do with them but you do what you want. Well ya, I am not in this fight and everytime I write them off she forgives em and tells me to clal them or go over and visit and I am like I am not like you. I don't like u one day n hate the next. I am not as bipolar as she is. Anyhow she is pissed at me, tells me I am condisending and it's hard for her to love me because I am so negative. Hmmm...

    I called my dad and ask hm if it is true. He pauses for a REALLY long time and I start to worry like, "OMG, I AM and asshole!" but he ends up saying "In 27 years I don't think you have ever been condisending once, like I can not think of one time." I don't think she knows what it means. I am tired. I keep saying it but I am done. My mom came into my room at 6 this morning to as me my opinion on her fucked up relationship with her BF and I start to tell her maybe it isn't so bad, maybe it's this or this but she starts huffing and like getting mad at me for not defending her so I am like, ok truthfully he is an asshole and she starts crying and saying he has done so much for us.

    I can't fucking win. ::Laughing through tears of frustration::
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    sorry you are in the middle of all this I think it would be wise if you could to move out on your own create your own space and start living you life. Look after you and let the rest take care of themselves coming from a large family myself it is hard so much fighting and pain. I hope you can find that space for just you to unwind and get away from it all. take care.
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    Agreed, is there any way you can get out on your own?

    I think you're doing the right thing by not getting involved. Just because your mom isn't getting along with someone, you shouldn't have to get dragged into it.
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    Ditto!! You need your own space and you have the right to like or dislike anyone you choose.. If your good friends with your cousin then don't let anyone come between you..There's nothing wrong with you the way you are!!