I'm not allowed to get a corn snake

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    :sad:I really want one. I LOVE snakes and I've been focussing all my attention on finding out more about them and figuring out how to save my money effectivly. I even went into a shop to ask about them (i got so nervous before speaking I almost threw up) Then I bring it up with my mum then suddenly NO! No snake not ever. At first it was a definate no then it turned into a "do this and we'll talk" then when she found out they eat mice... NO WAY. I need something else to focus on now because I was looking forward to getting a pet to try bonding with. I love when I bond with an animal even when they're not nice you just have to be patient and it can be done. But I'm not allowed my own animal to bond with.
    Sorry for being so petty and waisting your time. It's just that this is all I've been looking forward to recently and now it's a no go.
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    lol~ aww...
    It really sucks that your mom is saying 'no' now.
    I can imagine the general response to "mom, can I have a snake?" would be the same as your mom's.

    When I was a kid- at one point, we had mice.
    One weekend we went away and when we came back, one of the mice had actually killed and eaten the other two!! XD
    sooo... mice aren't as innocent as they look.

    Just because she says no right now doesn't mean she won't ever change her mind in the future. If you continue to show an interest in them, I'm sure she'll see that and allow you to have one even though she isn't fond of the idea of their diets.
    A suggestion: although it isn't a snake... you could maybe start off with a small lizard or a gecko? I had a gecko-- they are super easy to take care of and very responsive when you hang out with them and talk to them frequently. XD They eat mostly crickets-- live and dried up ones, so I'm sure your mom wouldn't have much of a problem with them in that aspect.
  3. PiecesMended

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    I said about gecko's but she doesn't like them either. My dad seemed cool with the whole snake idea and said that if I do okay at college in the next few months then I can get one. oh well I just have to wait until december then
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    Don't currently have a snake, although plenty outside. Enjoyed many years of snake ownership. Once you have things set up, they are rather low maintenance (comparatively). I've had other herps too...snakes, in my opinion, much easier than lizards, iguanas, etc. As far as pets go, they are so much easier than most...once you get the habitat set.

    Corn snakes are a piece of cake. The feeding of mice is not something they would have to do, they don't even have to see the mice nor be involved in the feeding. Really nice pets. Likely be good for you. The bonding aspect is nice. Likely lift your spirits some. I sure hope you can find a way to convince them. I think it is a great idea. My good thoughts are with you in hopes they come around and allow you to have one.
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    The only good thing about my mum is when it comes to my pets she just leaves me to it. She knows i will research them and take care of them myself. She never even has to see them uless she wants to. She gave up years ago saying no when i asked for pets. My mother even came with me when i picked up my 2 snakes and my bearded dragon was a present from her for xmas 2 years ago.

    If you show your mother you have been doing your research and no what you are doing she may change her mind. Snakes are so easy to care for. They dont smell, make any noise or take up too much room. The only problem is storing the food. I just keep them in seperate bags in my freezer drawer. If you are too anxious to ask about corn snakes in the pet shop you could join a reptile forum.
    I hope your mum changes her mind and allowsyou to have one, they make lovely pets.
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    I'm not sure exactly why your mum is saying no to you getting anything, but if she's doubtful you could take care of it, try showing her that you can be responsible. Do as many things as you can on your own. If you have chores or other stuff that your parents constantly remind you to do, try to get them done before they can nag you about it. That might show your mum you can be responsible and take care of a pet on your own. Doing good in college is also a good idea too. :tongue: Other than that, I think everyone else gave good advice as well. Good luck with getting a pet you'd like. :)

    P.S. I could never bring myself to have a snake as a pet.. I'd feel so terrible feeding it mice for it's meals. :cry: I love all animals too much to willingly hurt one xD
  7. Axiom

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    Another reason why your mom might be hesitant to allowing a new pet into the house is because of how she's recently found out about your suicidal thoughts. It's, a new place for the both of you. Perhaps maybe there is a pet you can mutally agree on so you two can share something together.

    It's hard for you. And if you don't take offense, it's also hard for you mother to realize and begin to understand your situation.

    I can see it being hard to talk to her about it, you might not even want to. I just wonder if maybe you could include her in this somehow, so the both of you can enjoy it together, and go from there, together :)
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    Thanks everyone! :smile:
    It wouldn't be as bad for me because they're pre-killed frozen mice. Plus I've proberbly saved more mice from cats than my snake would ever eat! lol

    I see your point. I never really thought of that. Thank you for bringing it up. I know it sounds horrible but other than the fact that I adore snakes, another reason I want one is because I know no one else will want to be involved but I hadn't realised that untill I read what you wrote. Thank you again
  9. Axiom

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    No problem :) I could be wrong though, I can see where you are coming from on this one, as in wanting to have something for yourself alone.

    In any regard, I wish you the best, keep posting if you're hitting any walls :)