I'm not alone.

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    My brother is one of my favorite people to ever grace this Earth, but ever since he joined the Navy 3 years ago we've barely gotten a chance to talk. He stays so busy with work and traveling that I only see him a few times a year and spoke with him on rare occasions...but recently he was transfered to a new job where he gets a ton of free time and I've been speaking to him online almost every night for hours.

    Well, last night he mentioned that he could sense something was wrong with me and that I had this tendency to self-loathe and he went into this massive, huge explanation that I wasn't alone. He basically told me that he had a lot of the same thoughts, maybe not so many self-loathing ones...more existential matters, and that he wanted me to know I am perfectly normal. I'm not alone. He told me that he can't wait to get out of the Navy next year so he can help me, and we've been planning a post-Navy trip to Europe. I love him and I am so glad he's my brother. :hugtackles: