I'm not coming back

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  1. Dubstepper

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    I did everything I could to keep everyone here happy.
    I did everything I could to keep me happy here.
    Its a terrible thing to have to borrow money from family promising to have the money to pay them back on that friday, come to find out, you dug yourself in a hole...by helping someone else earlier that month.
    I thought I was considerate to let my uncle take a loan in my name for a few hundred dollars. I thought he would return the money asap....everybody, laugh at this stupid idiot. (me)
    I've got no money to pay back what I've borrowed all week, nor do I have any money to pay my phone bill.

    And Rachael, I Love You, and I'm sorry that I haven't entirely given up on my ex yet...its just so hard. I want to be dedicated to you and only you. I'm just depressed and scared I'll hurt you...I'll understand now if you want to turn away. Don't even tell me, just let it be known.

    I'm sorry I let everyone here down...I tried to be strong...
  2. butterflies32

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    Try explaining to the family members you owe why you cannot pay them back just yet, that your uncle still has your money. As for the phone bill they are family, ask them for help. It is better to be in debt to your family than someone else.

    As for lending money out, don't do it anymore say no next time and stick with it. I know that is hard but some people need to take responsibility over there own money problems and not lay it at your door.

    Hang on in there.

    We are all here to support you if you want to talk more.

  3. Melancholy

    Melancholy Well-Known Member

    Mike :sad:

    Love you...keep going dude. You're a wicked person

    Lotsa love, Melly. That's with an "e" :tongue:
  4. Anime-Zodiac

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    Isn't there any one like a family member or a close friend that could help you with your financial situation.
  5. Insignificant

    Insignificant Account Closed

    bud i so know what it's like to have to borrow money. (i had to do it last month and i've got to do it again this month) it's hard. personally i feel worthless cause i've got to do it. i'm assuming you probably feel close to the same. please hang on. talk to your family and let them know whats up. make sure to tell them you learned from your mistakes too. this would be encouraging to them. anyways, please hang on, stay around, take care and most importantly stay safe. hope to talk again to you soon
  6. Dubstepper

    Dubstepper Staff Alumni

    im fighting it all now..im surviving...i've come to reasons with my uncle..

    and now to add insult to my injuries, God has just taken whom I have fallen in love for...if anyone talks to Rachael, ghetofabgurl89, please let her know, everytime you see her, I am thinking of her...I pray she comes back to me soon. And I love her. Please, Please PLEASE tell her that when you see her...every time you see her...I'm hurt now.