Im not crazy....its the rest of them

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    This is a rant. In its trusit form. I want revenge. Revenge on all those fucks whove kept me down. Not bullies and shit like that. Just everyone who thinks Im a freak for being nice and honourable. I cant get why everything is an up hill struggle all the time neither. its always 2 steps forwards one step back. Two steps back half the time. Fuck im sick of starving and being poor and having shit health and fuck im sick of people asking me shit and demanding things and fuck im sick of PHONES, phones and mail. Cuase they never bring anything good! and there introsive and fuck i just cant concentreate any more. Man I wish i could breathe properly and have energy to charge up the fucking hill whilst everyone grabs at my heels and tries to pull me down like they do. I have so many good ideas but they latch on and try and suffocate me. They want me dead. They push and pull and try and drown me and cause I cant breathe properly and think quickly they succeed. I want revenge on them. One day I will snap and kill them when they push me too hard. It feels like i can do nothing else with my useless life.
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    Hey Shock,
    I sence a little hostility in don't pay so much attention to what others think. Stick with you dreams. Some of the best were a little eccentric and dreamers...And they left there mark on this world. Keep moving forward, you are doing the right thing. Hold your head high. When you are having trouble breathing try and relax and breath in thru you nose and out thru you mouth. It helps. Take Care!!~Joseph~