Im not going to be depressed anymore.

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I could care less about anything anymore. All i want is to be happy,, i think I found a way to do that for myself. it's just being happy. doing things that make me happy. I am more selfish now and I probably have less friends now because Im so selfish. but I just dont care. I want to be happy and I dont care if my friends dont want to do the things I want to do,, ill just find someone who will or Ill walk alone. I have been in a shell my whole life. So doing things alone wouldnt be bad anyway. Im socially afraid of people anyway so if im alone ill feel better. I just am going to enjoy the things that make me happy and that is It. This may sound like a stupid post, but it isnt stupid. It isnt because im happy that I posted it. I feel better telling everyone I am going to be happy and not care about worthless people that make me nervous or just get on my nerves. I will find friends I can relate with or I wont, But im not going to care if I do or not. Im just looking forward to my stress free life. No one probably understands what all this shit talk that is coming out of my mouth is. But I understand and that is all that matters, :)
Hey, im glad your willing to fight for happiness! Im very happy for you :biggrin: as long as your happy then thats all that matters

take care

vikki x :hug:


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What a brave step you just took!! Congratulations and way to go. I think many of us waste a lot of time on people who are not truly our friends and we get hurt in the process. As painful as it may be it is better to move on a do what is right for us. For our own happiness. That is a difficult and brave step to take control of your life like that.

hey killor,

i read your advice that you left after my post, and i appreciate it very much. i also believe what mia says, that sometimes we spend so much time and energy on others that don't care very much about us that we only get hurt in the end. i know because i do that myself. your new found happiness is an inspiration to me. i don't want to be depressed anymore, either. i want to be happy. and if i need to start putting myself first in order to do that, then so be it. congratulations on finding out what makes you happy! i, too, find your actions very courageous and hope that i can be as strong as you. thank you again and good luck in your continuing pursuit of happiness.

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