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I'm not okay. And I never will be.

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I don't know if I'm having one of my days again. Days when I feel really down and so depressed, I am close to ending it all. I just feel so alone right now and pathetic. My mom just left the house to see my sister in school and after that, I found myself crying pointless tears because I really feel so sad that it seems like no one's there for me anymore. I realized a few days ago that I was about to be spontaneously aborted. And I can't help wishing, it happened for real. I really regret my whole existence. And I don't know what to do anymore. Sorry for eating your time. I just need someone to comfort me tonight.


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No there are ways forward! I have replied to you about CBT on the SA board, and if you want any help just ask me. SA is a *** of a condition and it causes depression and loneliness and self disgust but it can be beaten.
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