I'm not, really.

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    I drink because sometimes I just feel numb. It isn't a compulsion or something out of control.

    God damn, it's so fucking hard to be alone after awhile everyone is just out to get you because goddamn they ain't your friend.

    Loneliness is the real fucking killer, they blame alcohol but we should know better. How do they do it? I mean those pretty girls and beautiful women. So effortlessly they glide through life with a smile, soft skin and those hips. I always look at the eyes and nose of a girl (I'm scared of women, I tried I know). I mean that girls I can deal with, someone who's not so sure or not so set. That un-assured smile of dependence for satisfaction, I like it because I can recognize that. Not for exploitation or something but because I sympathize with that.

    You're not a man until you've loved, so I'm no man. I don't mean anything, it's all a joke to me because I'm just a joke. I gotta cock and a smile, when we meet I'll try not to stare.
  2. Anime-Zodiac

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    Perhaps you are a man and yet cuz of your style of thinking you have perhaps knocked yourself down by thinking things like "your not a man until you've loved"
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    Hamm a man is not defined by love or his lack of it. You are more a man then most I've known. Because you can face your demons and you know them. And you dont use others as an excuse. I too know how alcohol can help to get you through and it isnt an addiction or have to have the control. So I dont think it's wrong. It only becomes wrong when you let the alcohol abuse you by taking control. It doesnt sound like that is the case in your situation. And yes you hit the nail on the head. The loneliness can tear you down and kill you dead where you stand. To even have someone just as a real friend of the opposite sex. Sure the sex would be great, but not a necessity. Just someone who would be willing to try and understand for once. I dont think that is too much to ask for in a world full of people that seem to think they have it all. A toast Hamm to all of us who know who we really are!
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    "Just someone who would be willing to try and understand for once. " I would take just this, male or female. :smile: