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I'm not thankful.

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In the U.S. we have Thanksgiving in November. My attitude this time of year is poor and unforgiving. We go to church every Wednsday before Thanksgiving. The problem is I am not thankful....for anything.

I have been a Christian all my life and yet feel so hopeless. Somedays I wonder if God has a plan for me? I don't feel welcome at my own church and there isn't a college group. It goes from highschool to older singles. I just keep falling faster into a black hole.

Death happens everyday, so why do people try to stop suicides? They can't stop people dying naturally or from car accidents or natural disasters. If people like myself want to commit sooner or later let them.


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i wish i could agree with you on your last line, but i dont, only for simple reasons, that somepeople dont want to lose someone they love deeply.

I had went through this not too long ago with my best friend, she broke down and told me about her plan, and that she loves me so much, that she needed to let someone know before it happened and to pass a message to everyone.

i am sure we spent three whole days together talking about it. and it helped her knowing that she was loved and cared for by me and alot of her friends.

but than again to be this loved is new to her, because she hasnt had a great family support in her life, and i am glad that she is still here with me!!!!

just wanted to share with you, maybe you might something out of that to help you hun...

Love you



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Yeah I hate this time of year "Have good will and love your fellow humans" yes like they all loved me for some many fucking years.

I find that no one really cares for college age people unless it is a college town. I think it would be best for you to just go to church for the service then run out of there as fast as you can so as to avoid socializing.

The reason people want us to not kill ourselves is because for most it gives them a sense of satisfaction. It makes them feel like worthy great people because they managed to change someones life for the better. But you are right those of us who are serious will do it one day.
The reason people want us to not kill ourselves is because for most it gives them a sense of satisfaction. It makes them feel like worthy great people because they managed to change someones life for the better. But you are right those of us who are serious will do it one day.[/FONT]
Hmmm, I actually believe its partly because they tend to feel guilty when someone kills themselves - society and therapy / prevention have obviously failed in that case, and people tend to be too occupied keeping problems away from their own fragile little shard of happiness to want to deal with someone else's issues. They go 'Oh my god, I never knew he/she had issues' when in fact, often they just refused to see it. Everyone is looking out for themselves in general (there are of course exceptions), and a suicidal person bursts the bubble.

I care, though! Talk to me. I believe this is god's plan for me, but it will only work if anyone wants to talk to me. :)
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Do you know what love is? Did you say "love you" to make me feel better or what is up with that. Love is something you have to earn over time with someone. Thankyou for the response to my thread, it does make me feel good that people actually acknowledge me.


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i am sorry you feel that way...

i love everyone, no matter colour of skin, where they came from...

its who you are, or what i dont know about you...

we are all suffering somehow...

I wish you wouldnt be so harsh on those who want to try and help you...
Wow, if you have nothing to be thankful for <mod edit: helena: encouraging suicide> OR perhaps, you could be thankful for the people who might not want that for you. You could be thankful that although life is not yet what you want it to be you still have a life. I am in the Marine Corps.. I have been to places where life is meaningless to their locals. I have seen my young brothers and sisters die so that people home can live. So that people back home can think and do what they want to. If I lost my friends, and loved ones to that fight for no reason please be the first to tell me. Other wise be thankful that you remain to have breath in you body and that your family can continue to get in their cars, and live every day without those horrifying things happeneing to them. Be thankful that you are in a college, be thankful that you are aloowed to walk into a church, regardless of wheather you feel accepted or not. Have you everseen people get denied the right to enter a church based on appearance. I have, and i have yet to grace a church since then. I know that is wrong but it hurt to see that. It hurt to see friends and family die for some kid who does not value and appreciate what they died for. So the way i see it, be thankfull that someone who didnt even know you, was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for you. Please take no guilt in that. but where i am now, i am happy to be alive, and i look foreward to the phone call home i will get tomorrow. and where i am now, i probably need a church more than anyone.. because death arrives every second that clock ticks here. or atleast pain that dont understand yet. dont let my words offend you, but maybe you should reevaluate your life. go walk the streets of a dark ghetto alley and tell me what everyone there had for themselves this thanksgiving and christmas and new years. and pray that that person will live to see the next holiday with their family-if they even have one. do it so that i can be reminded of what i am fighting for. because its works like yours that make me want to walk outsides the barbed wire and gates that keep me as safe as they have.. and surrender, because there is no reason, if not for the people from where i come from. think of us, andthink of the dead and then be thankful on thanksgiving. And one last question- was life to easy for you that its not good enough, that there is truely nothing to be thankful for, and and if you are so selfish not to feel any thank for anything or anyone, than perhaps you dont deserve the blood that was shed so that you may have your life and your god damn thanksgiving. I ask that you return this message with anything that you think. I am not one to be hurt by harsh words, and if you think it might serve me right to just go ahead and do what you threaghten, then wish the guilt upon me and do what you may. but dont do anything until you have read, herd and understand the truth about your life to me.
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fuck thanksgiving...

thanks to the Native American Indians.

thanks for the free land. and free food.
now get the fuck out.
such a wonderfull country we live in.

the jerks that fucked the indians should have been raped my horses.
and then left to be eaten alive by ants.

and fuck religion.
such a crock of shit.
the worlds biggest fairy tale.

dear mr invisable man who helps nobody and offers nothing to the people
who were suposedly created in his image.thank you for your pedafile leaders
who lie and say you need my money for a bigger house.
cuz heaven isnt big enough for a free house.

there is no god.

and god has NOTHING to do with thanks-taking.

the world is just way to full of lemmings.
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