I'm Not That Fucked Up People!!!

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  1. itmahanh

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    I dont know. I know I have a lot of issues and problems. But I really didn't think I was that bad. Or atleast I always thought I wasnt any worse than anyone else here or in the "outside" world. And I dont need people "protecting" me. When I say I'm there to help my friends I mean it. Is that so impossible to believe? But yet they listen to my problems offer their advice and continue to turn elsewhere when they are hurting or in trouble. I can handle it.... I can. If I cant I'd be the first to say it. So please stop thinking for me or about how I'm going to feel. I want to help. No I need to help. I'm sick of always taking and not being able to give in return. That's just not me. It makes me feel like maybe I shouldnt be turning to the people I love and trust because I'm too much. Time to stop sharing. It makes me feel greedy. Am I? Am I missing something here? My offer stands!!!
  2. Lead Savior

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    Nope, definitely shouldn't stop sharing with others!

    I'll put my problems in your ear sometime if you think that would be "giving back" :smile:
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    Hey hun!! I am rather quiet and don't talk much about my problems these days. Mostly I talk to my man...but not even then as much...I talk most of my MySpace page. If I needed someone you'd be at the top of my list because you have been so much help to me in the past. :hug:

    I sometimes miss people coming to me with problems....but then I have so much myself to deal with....yet still I truly feel better when I am able to help someone.
  4. liveinhope

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    Hi hun

    you dont just take at all you give a great deal as well, depression can take hold for most of us some days we can support some days we need support, my personal experience of you is that you are genuine and you care and support an awful lot, i like you will be here whenever you need that time from me on those dark days and i know u will be there when the cloud desends upon me.
    A trusted and respected friend take care talk with you soon

  5. fanda

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    I know that I am new to the site and I dont know you (or anyone yet) but I know that you are here to help as you replied to my post and I get the impression that you are cared about here.

    I think that its great that you want to help others and you should be able to. :)
  6. LastCrusade

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    Yup. u r right! itmahanh has always been here to help others including myself who is very grateful to her.
  7. andyc68

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    she is fantastic, even when she is hurting carla always makes time to help others out.

    1 in a million
  8. ari

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    :hug: I think your awesome at helping people...I think sometimes for people that are getting help...I know for me anyway...is that I dont feel worthy for help so i try to push people away because i am afraid that i will hurt them...dont know if that helps any. take care and be safe