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Another place to fall

I'm not well. I'm sick both physically and emotionally. I can't deal with all this anymore. it's over. soon. nobody will expect it because I will not talk about it with anyone... Just like I always had expected it. Act happy and normal and don't tell anyone how you're really feeling and then one day (soon) boom. gone.

Another place to fall

Nothing important. i'm just gonna act happy again from now on. just needed to let that out.


Hold on there bud.I no itd hard and being physically sick is hard on the emotional side but you will pull through.
Darling, you can be honest with me and you know you can. Everything regarding you is important to me. Not just me, alot of people here care about you and you know they do. Its not healthy to hide what your feeling and you know its not because you've told me so many times to be honest with you. Usually i am because i respect and care about you alot. Its not good for you if you hold everything in and not let out how your feeling. There was a time where you could talk to me about anything and if you do ever wanna talk then you know where i am.

Vikki x

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