im nothing, never was..never will be

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    this pain is never gonna go away i cant keep figthing this anymore im too sick of it.... im sick of it and its making me destroying my body piece by piece...but i dont care nothing matters to me anymore...and that scares me....someone asks me how i feel and i dunno wat to say cuz honestly i dont feel much anymore....feeling pain is life to me now, im used to it but i hate lil things ticks me off...just hearing someone whistling raises an anger in me that i never knew i had.....and after the anger is gone all i wanna do is cry and cry forever..but i cant..i wont...i wont let my wall down long enough....all i see myself as is a pathetic idiot who keeps trying even tho she shouldnt....nothing more....i dunno y i even come here anymore, i spend 90% of my time alone in a just sick of this hurting me - every way possible...ive just had enough...just end teh torture....even going to hell would be better than this life...and the dont even believe in that shit
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    Anathema you ARE SOMEBODY:hugtackles: and you deserve to get help and truly live please try! I get sooo suicidal depressed i write stuff would like to share some with you...


    [FONT=Times New Roman,Serif]How to see[/FONT]
    What to feel
    Darkness frees
    Depressions real

    Of the choices
    Live or die
    Inner voices
    Plead suicide

    What does matter
    Why not end
    Choosing rather
    Than just pretend...


    Journey far

    Sometimes near

    Always searching

    Amidst of fear

    Reasons why

    Not always there

    More to wonder

    Who does care

    Look within

    Ignore the doubt

    Sieze the truth

    True living 's about

    Rest assured

    Fully knowing

    Your prayers are heard

    On the journey you're going

    © 2009 Victor D, All rights reserved.
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