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im nothing to her

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ive been sitting back watching a friend for sometime, i always felt something when i looked into her eyes. i watched her go out with scum and even one of my friends. out of no where i hear she always liked me, so we start getting closer. i went to ask her out and she told me she just wanted to chill, i said ok even though i was disapointed. i was guessing we would be more later. how wrong i was turns out theres another guy shes seeing on the side. i dont get it... why would she do that to me, im so fucking mad but am to depressed to do anything. its such a shame this is happening. ive been in this situation before but this time its worse. just what the fuck am i to her i cant take the feeling inside its not right. im so fucking down.


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Hi Kyle,

Unrequited love is always a tough one to go through. The same way we dont control to whom we are attracted, we cant force ourselves to feel romantic love for somebody. What governs attraction is really a mystery. But I can tell you it can be very difficult as well to appreciate somebody in every other ways but romantically and having to tell them that we dont love them in that way. A person can have all the qualities we are looking for and we can still not feel that special something for them which makes us leap. I can think of some really great guys I wish I had fall for but it just did not happen and dealing with them was really painful because I truly appreciated them and I knew what it felt to be in their shoes. Maybe this is what is happening with this girl of yours. I would say, for your own good, take a step back, and eventually move on as to be emotionally available for another girl who will reciprocate your feelings. I don't want to belittle in any ways what you are going through atm. I am just saying there is nothing either you, and also her can do. Refocus on your own life, go out with friends, get more involved in your work or study etc...Have faith that in time, this will pass. It always does.
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