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    Just needed to say



    to all diseases and viruses and all the little mother fucking bugs that mess your body up and hold you back in life. I hope that human science can find a way to destroy every last one of you and I hope that americas health system can clean up its act and start helping people for free, its such a fucking joke when you see people die from a lack of money, does a fireman ask for your money after he pulls you from a burning building, does a policeman ask you for money after he puts away your local drug dealer, no so why the fuck should doctors, and don't say they deserve the money for having worked so hard in school if you want to make money be a lawyer, don't be a doctor and live a lie, pretending like your such a fucking help, you only help the people who have the money, your just a fucking mercenary a pawn for all the drug companies if you really wanted to help people you lobby for a social medical system, I WOULD PAY MORE TAXES OUT OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY FOR A HEALTH SYSTEM WHERE PEOPLE DONT HAVE TO FEEL AFRAID OF DIEING FROM A CURABLE DISEASE IN THE MOST ADVANCED AND RICH NATION IN THE WORLD

    I probably sounded irrational in there, well sorry I offended anyone I was angry
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    Hope all that has helped you get things out of your system.
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    I doubt very much we will see anything like that in our lifetime..The closest thing I have come to is being on disability I have insurance thru them.. I still pay a copay for every visit but am at least able to get the help I need..Now meicaid is a big fucking joke!! I think you have to know somebody to get benefits from them..They need to just do away with it except for children. But medicaid makes you take them to your local health clinic..