I'm on a diet =)

Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Datsik, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Datsik

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    I've lost 3 kgs in 2 days.

    Mission: lose 10 kgs.


    I'm eating salad and drinking pepsi diet, and that's it.

    Plus 350 situps a day.

    I want a six pack :tongue:
  2. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    Wow you've already lost a lot of weight.. how's it going now? Don't overdo it though.. your body needs more than just salad and diet pepsi in order to survive healthily :hug:
  3. DaysofGrace

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    Congrats And Keep Up The Good Work! Like Jenny Said Dont Over Do It And You Really Cant Survive On Salad And Diet Pepsi Alone. Try Some Diffrent Things That You Like Just Eat Them In Smaller Portions
  4. DaysofGrace

    DaysofGrace Member

    Oh And I Also Heard Eating After Working Out Is Supposevly Good For Growing Muscle Soo Yah :tongue:
  5. Datsik

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    Thanks for the tip :)
  6. DayOn

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    PEPSI DIET?!!!
    Ohhhh maaan.
    When you're on a healthy diet, try to eliminate all unecessary, unhealthy food and drinks. Pepsi diet is fattening and extraordinarily unhealthy, just the same. It's like drinking liquid sugar that also burns away the mucus lining in your stomache.
    Try water, pure and simple h2o. Milk (skim or 2%), tea, homemade fruit juice or smoothies, etc. They satisfy your thirst a lot better- soda only makes you more thirsty and absorbs all the calcium in your body. Man man man man.
    What do you put on your salad? Don't use ranch, because that defeats the whole purpose of eating a salad. Try making your own vinagrette and lightly drizzling it on top of your salad...don't buy it because it's likely to be full of perservatives and flavorings and other uneccesary things.
    Eating small amounts of meat is not going to make you fat, if you control the amount you eat and when you eat it. Try to limit your intake of oils, saturated and unsaturated fats, sugar, etc. Make sure you wash your cutting board and knives when handling meat, poultry, fish and store them away in cold temperatures to halt or slow the process of bacteria formation. Don't cross-contaminate. Your body needs meat, grains, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products in order to function properly! And an exercise plan that works various parts of your body besides just the stomach area. If you continue losing weight that way then your body isn't going to tone down but rather just become scrawny and maybe even flabby. And more things to say but don't have the time to, hope you lose weight the healthy way! :laugh:
  7. seenotears

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    when i lost my weight green tea helped a lot :D and also, go for walks in the forest, about 1 hour every other day is great. dont go on a too strict diet, just try to eat healthy food that u like and that u can continue eating even after u loose the weight. good luck!