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    last night we had a heap of quakes pretty much one after the other most of the night and im fucken over it !!! i wake up each morning tired and drained and just fucken cant take anymore . one of them actually woke me right up and had me crying the rest i just woke up and day dreamed thru them sort thing . im sick and tired of not getting enough decent sleep and not getting enough rest. i went to my first earthquake counseling this week and she said i was extremely hyperventilate and im jumping at even the trucks going past thinking that the vibrations are earthquakes.

    i just want to scream and move already but i have to wait till march and its just so far away :( FUCK THIS SHIT
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    So sorry to hear that things ar going bad for you with the quakes. I would be the same as you. :hug: I'm sorry that it is happening.
  3. TJ

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    we've had quake after quake today and im ready to just pack my house put it in storage and live on the streets somewhere other than here , im desperate to get outta here :( :cry: i JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE
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    I know the stress earthquakes can wear on body. I am not from your part of world but Japan had it fair share of earthquake this year. Words mean little when you hit stress limit. I just want to say yous not alone. I can understand what you go through. If you can soon take care of youself. It maybe the only stress relief yous get. I would find quiet space outside, put on headphones and relax, focus on me only for little while. If I no did that I would break. Everyone take care of self different. Yous maybe getting nails done or sitting in hot tub. Many peoples I knew stress themselves more by piling more jobs on themselves during time when less jobs helps emotional wellness. One day at time. Breath deep. Live well.