I'm overwhelmed with life

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    too much too much too much
    can't make devs appt
    no bus fare, cant get hold of her dad, or friends for a ride.
    cant get hold of doctors office, wtf, i've been trying for over an hour.

    we're all sick in this house,
    i think we have a serious helath issue with mold
    in the last 2.5 months, i've been well for about a week.
    even if the owners have another house in the are avaliable,
    i cant cant can not move again right now, i think it would kill me.
    evn both dogs in the house are sick
    not to mention all the $ crap I've been procrastinationg on: my moms life insureance stuff to pay for her funeral
    two years of income tax
    how the fuck am i supposed to be looking for work when i'm so so sick that all i can do is go from bed to couch to puter

    i can't help my daughter should i force her to stay with her dad and brother for a few weeks,
    would that make me or her worse.
    i don't know what to do
    no i can't get myself to to anything let alone what i need to do
    myhead has hurt for months and i'm tired of coughing.
    im so sick of this place bieng a mess and i don't know where to start,
    every mess is related to another mess
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    Ok, so I've taken care kinda of a few things.
    I did call the funeral home, but didn't call back.
    I will be able to tell them the truth, that I hadn't filed with the insurance company yet nor received a check for the survivors benefit fromt he gov. Thank goodness I was smart enough not to get the checks and spend them. One positive check for me.

    I have the forms that my worker needs, I'll drop them off today, hopefully will clear my account by Fri.

    Phone the income tax line to see where and how to get the forms for 06's filing.
    Get all the tax stuff ready to take to Deb.
    make up the various rent recpeits for both years.

    phone devs doc. yuck shes gonna give me shit left right and centre. so what, she'll still see her. set appt for late as possible so dave can take her.

    phone the casa people and tell them they can pound salt if they thing they're getting that much if any money off of me.

    email the zellers reclamation dept and tell them that I won't fall for their extortion and they can take me to court if they want. trying to scare me into paying 500 for 15 dollars of stolen stuff that they recovered when i went to pick dev up. right. and i was born 15 min ago.

    so i guess i'm feeling a bit better, i'm not sleeping all day, some days not even a nap.
    now i have to start cleaning this place up.

    these headaces are worrying me, how stupid to take t3s at this point, bahra is going to have a freak on me, so if i have to go up twice this week, i have to. but i will ask him if there is anything he can prescribe for pain for my neck/head.

    iwonder if i can convince dev to stay at her dads for a few weeks, while steve is in between places, that could kill a lot of birds at one time, her getting over sleeping there, not seeing steve, getting some reinfocement from her dad and giving me a break while getting her into the habit of cleaning up after herself.

    have to remember to get out in the sun today, its seeming to help.

    so today is better, i don't feel as deeply desparate. :dry: