I'm pregnant, and the father cheated on me with my best friend.

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    well uhh, basically what it says in the title
    he was never my boyfriend, but we both made so many hints and stuff that we were going to get together, with all my friends and even my own mother as a witness. it was like a soap opera - we were going to get together and everything would be fine and dandy.
    we were together one night watching a scary film so, we were as close as close can be really. then one thing led to another, yadda yadda. and i say now, i had been drinking. and i regret it. because i'm only a stupid teenager. now that i've passed judgement on myself, i'd really prefer if no one else did, thank you.
    we didn't use protection on the night, but i was all calm in thinking i could get the morning after pill. BUT. my mum planned a surprise getaway for a few days at the beach. now, i dunno if this sounds stupid, but being in a relatively foreign area, i had no idea how to obtain the pill. so, bam. i'm pregnant.
    now this story would be better, if it weren't for the fact that it's about to get worse. the father of my unborn child, then got drunk with my best friend, and slept with her. now of course, she's not as silly as i am and used protection. so she's fine. neither of them know about my predicament.
    the fact that he slept with her was quite a while ago now so i've made my peace with it, i shouted at both of them and gave them hell for as long as i could, but then all i wanted to do was focus on my health. so both of them are cheerful in thinking nothing more is wrong with me, and think that we can all be one happy old friendship group again. but the thing is, i've gotten really good at pretending. if i tell them now, i'm not sure what'll happen.
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    Hi Jenny..

    That sounds like a sticky situation, don't beat yourself up about it though.
    Have you decided what you want to do with the pregnancy? I think that's probably the most important thing to focus on atm :dunno:
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    I have no idea :( i want to ask the father's opinion but we've grown so apart so i hardly see him
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    :hug: How far gone in the pregnancy are you?
    Do you have family that will be able to help you?

    Sorry for the thousand questions... :hug:
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    it's been a month. i suppose i could tell my mum, but she hates the father of my child now, since she found out he slept with my best friend. she'd probably go over to his house and murder him, lol
    but in all seriousness, i'm pretty sure my family would be against me having his child. they believe in abortion 100%. especially as i'm only 17.
  6. Petal

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    Whether your family are against it or not,its your baby growing inside you,its your life..and its your decision 100%.
    You should probably visit your doctor first :unsure: just to make sure etc..!

    How do you think the father would react to this news?
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    I hope you all the best of luck.
    Few things I should help you with.
    1. You need to see your doctor.
    2. You need to find out what you will do with the baby.
    3. If you didn't graduate highschool then I would think about that. And if you plan on keeping the baby, then get your G.E.D.
    4. You may want to tell your mom and the father.

    I wish you all the best and if you ever need someone to talk to, I am here for you. I'm 17 also.
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    It sounds to me like you want to keeo the baby and I think that's great. I agree with a previous poster that it is YOUR baby and you shouldn't let anyone (not even your family) influence you decision. Many, many people have been in your situation and go on to have beautiful, healthy children and wonderful lives :) If you are determined, you can absolutely do this.
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    This is why they need to make sure we all pay attention in sex education classes :p I got pregnant too because i wasnt thinking about protection at the time, I however am not 17 so therefore i cannot truly understand the circumstances you are in.
    Are you still in school?
    Have you thought about what you can do after bubs is born, whether to do night school, drop out, part time job etc..
    Get a scan and make sure you are 100% pregnant :)
    If at all you believe there is a possibility of seeing this boy again, then you must speak to him, even though in reality im sure his going to be pretty shocked/upset at first, he still needs to know as this is his baby too.