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I'm quitting

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So I've been keeping an eye out lately... and I am almost 100% positive I'm giving my 2 weeks this sunday after I finish the weekend. I'm so done with being treated the way I was at my job. It's not worth any amount of money to be put down like I'm worthless.. :laugh: I get enough of that everywhere else. So I've got two possible jobs that I'm hoping will come through in the next week or so.. so I'm not going workless/moneyless.. because I still need to pay for stuff lol. I just can't do it there..

Just felt like putting that out there. I'm feeling better even just thinking about quitting


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I stuck 4 years in a job I hated, cried going into work cried on the way home...don't ever do that cos no job is worth your sanity.
I am glad you finally decided the job was not worth the treatment you were getting. Much better waits for you Jess. Take care hune. :hug:
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